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Reception Ideas

Introducing/Announcing Wedding Party/Family Members

My fiance and I are getting married in St. Lucia with just our immediate family members, their significant others, and children. We are having a "semi-formal" beach inspired reception when we return with @ 150 people. We wanted to announce our family members as if they were our wedding party (which they pretty much will be). We are having a cocktail reception, so guests are assigned to tables, etc., nor is there a head table or anything.

When announcing our family members:
- What order should I put everyone in? Should I put each of our parents, then our respective family members, or do one full family at a time?
- Should I specify everyone's relationship to us and each other (ie. sister of the bride, her husband and children?), or should I stick with just names (kind of seems like it defeats the point of introducing everyone)?
- My fiance's parents are divorced, his mother is single and his father has a longtime girlfriend. How would I introduce them?
- My fiance's sister has a longtime partner, how do I introduce them without specifically calling attention to the "partner" or "girlfriend" part. They are a little uneasy about that sort of stuff.

Any ideas would be helpful! We're doing this so everyone will know at least who our family members are that came to participate in our ceremony. 

Re: Introducing/Announcing Wedding Party/Family Members

  • I agree w/ RD, I think that will get a bit monotone announcing everyone the same, just scrolling down the list.  I like your idea and approach, if it was me and its a close family reception I would make it humorous and fun for everyone involved.

    Sit down with you FI and maybe your parents and come up with your favorite memory of a guest or how they have been a part of your life, a funny story, etc.

    Then I would have your MC incorporate that humor and great memories into the announcements, if that makes sense.  That way you'd still be getting the introductions, it would be personalized, it wouldn't all sound the same and everyone would want to keep listening to hear what they had to say about the next person.

    Just my suggestion.
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  • As far as the order goes, I agree with PP.  Start with siblings and work up to parents (just like a curtain call at a play, where the "lesser players" come out first, working up to the stars of the show..You).  It should probably be grooms sib, brides sibs, grooms parents, brides parents, B&G.
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