How many out there are not hiring or did not hire a coordinator?

I do not have the budget set aside for a coordinator (but I do have 8 bridesmaids!) and I was wondering 1) For those already married who did NOT hire a wedding coordinator - was it difficult to coordinate things yourself? and 2) For those not hiring a coordinator how are you planning to deal with the day-of details?

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Re: How many out there are not hiring or did not hire a coordinator?

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    I'm not hiring anyone, but my venue has 2 event coordinators who will be there to help out, also my family has insisted that they will help out. I'm not too stressed out about it and feel that everything will work out on that day. I don't like the idea of my family working on my wedding day, but the way they have put it, I don't really have a choice in the matter.

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    I am not hiring one because I am very hands on and will oversee much of it myself (it would make me nervous not to!).  My MOH is a complete organizer and she is so good and dependable that she will be really in charge too.  But if you want to just relax and enjoy your day then it might be worth it.
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    I was super hands on and hired a DOC. It was important for me to have someone who could handle something so I could focus on the wedding. She didnt have to do much, but it was awesome to have her help run items, switch my veils, help clean my dress before the ceremony, and just keep me calm. It was worth every penny.
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    I was very hands on and did everything by myself (I am a bit of a control freak).  I ended up hiring Julie from Cincy Event Planning as a ceremony coordinator (we were getting married in an art gallery with a Judge and there was no one to help me with the order, timing and other logistics).  I wasn't sure I needed her, but I definitely did.  Not only did she definitely help us with timing and logistics but she came through in other ways I never anticipated. She rescued us by getting the glass (to break) for the ceremony (the person responsible realized they forgot it in the other room right before we started walking) and she snuck it in during the ceremony without anyone realizing. She taught me how to pee in my dress (crucial!), bustled my dress when moh got confused and generally relaxed me when pretty much everyone else was stressing me out.  In retrospect,  I wish I had hired her to be at the reception as well.  The wedding was beautiful and most vendors came through fabulously (will review soon) but there were things that came up during the  wedding that my family or I had to deal with..it would have been nice to know that there was someone "watching over things."  If your venue does not have an event manager you trust I definitely recommend hiring a doc...I believe that Cincy Event Planning is only 600 dollars for their doc services.
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    My wedding is next weekend and I am not hiring anyone. My venue has a day of person to help and I have 5 bridesmaids and parents and an older brother that will be helping.
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    Thanks all for posting! IT's just good to know what other brides are doing. I'm glad no one is stressing out. I am also very hands-on and control-freakish so I do not think I will hire someone, but if it comes down to it and I have the extra money, I may go with Cincy Events, it sounds like they do a great job.
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    I am also having this issue! I am very hands on and feel like I have everything under control but then I wonder what will happen on my wedding day. I have debated getting a wedding coordinator as well but it really isn't in my budget at all. I am worried about who will make sure the church is clean before we leave and transport the flowers to the reception and what if the limo is late and all the little things. I am just hoping that on the day of if I give a few friends one thing to look over each that maybe it will help out! I mean that is what bridesmaids and groomsmen are for right?
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    My wedding is in two weeks.  I did not, but wish I did hire someone.  We couldn't b/c of budget, but if I had to splurge for one thing, it would have been a DOC!!

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    I had my wedding on September 4.  I had a small wedding party (so maybe this wouldn't apply to larger weddings).  I did not hire a wedding or DOC. 

    Though I tried to keep things on a time schedule, our DJ service came with an Emcee who helped keep us relatively on schedule.  Our venue also had a coordinator but to be honest, I really didn't notice anything she did other than tell us (while we were our on the golf course) we were running a bit late with the post-ceremony photos.  Our emcee was the one who told us it was time for our first dance, time for speeches, time for the last dance, etc....  Everything went splendidly for our wedding.  In retrospect, I wish it lasted longer! :-) 

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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    I didn't hire one. My mother and my bridesmaids are all willing to help! Plus my FI is going to help (and maybe the groomsmen). My family is always willing to help too. I like all personal it is, and honestly, I trust them all so I'm not stressed out! 
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    I am not hiring a hands on coordinator.  As for the day of, most of the vendors are taking care of everything.  I also know the owner (since I was a little girl) at my reception place and she is taking care of all the decorations, lightings, center pieces, ensuring cake is being delivered etc.. so all i really need to worry about is getting ready! 
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