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This is the dress my bridesmaids are wearing. The color is Gem from David's Bridal. I plan on also adding a white sash. Any ideas of what types/colors of flowers to put with these dresses?

Re: Flowers/colors

  • You can do white/cream flowers like Hydrangeas or asiatic lilies to match the sash or if you want to add color, I think pink (blush) or plum would look pretty.

  • Ooooh! Blush pink and plum...so pretty! Do it!
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    I third the blush pink and plum.

    Also, if you wanted to stick with something a bit darker and richer you could just stay with the jewel toned colors

  • Have you played around with swatches at the bridal shop? I kind of like the idea of adding purple - like a peacock. It sounds silly, but I think that would be great for an elegant evening wedding.  It really depends on what type of theme you are going for and time of day - is the wedding indoors or outdoors? I definitely think the peach, blush, or plum would be a great choice for a daytime outdoors wedding.

  • Thanks so much everyone! I am loving these ideas! Feel free to share pictures as well.

    Our wedding is indoors (in a church) in the evening in August. I love the idea of adding plum. I almost chose plum dresses. 
    I really like the purple and white cala lilies, but I'm not sure what to mix them with. Maybe just other white/cream flowers?

    I also like the idea of using peach. I hadn't thought of that yet.

  • OP, just Google image search "pink and plum bouquet".

    They are sooooo pretty and perfect for evening.
  • I googled my colors and added the word "wedding" and then clicked images I found that I love hydrangea, and blue and purple dendrobiom orchids.... The florist really did the rest. I met with 3, which was a headache, but we knew what we wanted and the price point and I feel good about it now. There are beautiful greens and cream colored flowers they can add for just the right touch!
  • I love the idea of any color hydrangea with this dress. So gorgeous!
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