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Pros and Cons of a "Sweetheart Table"?

Did you have a sweetheart table at your reception/dinner? Our wedding will be small (30 guests) and we're thinking of having a sweetheart table. I like the way it avoids the issue of who is to sit at the bride & groom's table.
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Re: Pros and Cons of a "Sweetheart Table"?

  • Avion22Avion22 member
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    We did.  It was great. 

    We only sat down for maybe a few minutes at the start of dinner, then were up greeting guests.   If we'd been at another table, it would have left a huge gap the whole time we were talking with people.
  • We had a sweetheart.  We had about 130 guests and while we managed our time really well so that we could actually sit down and eat a full meal, we still appreciated not having to pick and choose among family and friends and having a few minutes to talk with each other.

  • We didn't have one.  DH didn't like the idea.  We sat at a regular round table with our parents and our wedding party (which were both our siblings and my daughter), so it was just like a regular family dinner.  Since we had a small WP of just family, it wasn't really an issue, but I can see how it can be and in that case, a sweetheart table is a nice option.
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    We didn't have a sweetheart table.  Instead my H and I sat at a regular guest table with both of our parents and my sister/MOH and her husband.  The rest of the WP were mixed in with the other guests that they knew.

  • We're doing one!!! We're having about 75 guests so not a big wedding, but we didn't want to sit our wedding party with us and have their dates scattered about. Wouldn't be fun for them! So we're doing the sweetheart table, then the parents "hosting" their own tables (with other family members to sit by them who aren't standing up) and the wedding party & their dates will be seated together at another table.
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  • We had one and it was nice.  H and I actually got to sit down and eat our full meal and have some relative alone time for just the two of us (which can be extremely hard to come by at your own wedding).  It was great to sit down and talk about how the day had been so far, how the food was, and let the fact that we were married sink in.
  • We had one and it was very nice for us to sit back and observe our wedding.  It was also nice to take a breather and a moment our alone.
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  • I don't see any cons about having a sweetheart table. However, I just went to my friends wedding in March and the guests at our table and a few others kept commenting on how a sweetheart table looked weird. They said it looked like the bride and groom were ostracizing themselves from everyone. I didn't really get it though.

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  • I think that I would like to have more interaction with my wedding party.

  • I have to have one because my divorced parents cannot sit at the same table together and I can't just sit with the groom's parents.

    I always liked the idea because a head table usually separates the bridal party from their spouses and significant others (which sucks!)  I do like the idea of having the bride and groom sit at a table with the parents.  le sigh
  • We're having one. We are also doing open seating at both the ceremony and reception (I love the sign all over pinterest that says "as this family joins to become one, please pick a seat, not a side"). This way, folks can sit where they want. I hate the idea of the WP ditching their dates to sit at a table with us, so, I feel like the sweetheard table will avoid this.
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