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Dallas Anniversary

it is my first anniversary and we would like to celebrate in Dallas. We don't really go out dancing but we want to do something fun... any ideas?

Re: Dallas Anniversary

  • Our anniversary place is Wolfgang Puck's 560 restaurant at the top of the Reunion Tower--this is the big "ball" you see in the Dallas skyline.  Very fancy fun place with the rotating view and wonderful food and cocktails.  It is pricey however.

    Last year for a change of pace, we had dinner at Simply Fondue and that was fun.

    Dinner and cocktails is something we enjoy but your idea of fun may be different.  There are comedy clubs and museums and wine bars and painting and bartending classes, even race car driving--you're bound to find something!

  • You can also check out groupon and livingsocial for some date ideas. There's painting with a twist which is an evening byob painting class, horseback riding, boxing lessons, spa deals, archery ranges, gun ranges, exotic car rentals, photoshoot, shoot a love story film with a videographer.. stephiehall's right.. a lot to do!
  • I recommend The Old Warsaw, if you want something extravagant.  It's super fancy.  The night we were there, they had a pianist all night, and we were seated right in front of him, so he took requests from us all night.  Another time we were there, they had piano and violin, and the violinist went from table to table playing special songs.  There's also a little hotel there called St. Germaine (we stayed there on our wedding night) if you wanted a complete night out!



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