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Still looking at options, I was just wondering if any ladies have ever been to Greece. I have not -- I would love to go to Santorini and FI said that is also an option, I was just doing some research and thought I might get the opinions of some ladies here.

Re: Greece?

  • My best friend and bm went to Greece last month and she had the most amazing time! She and her hubby flew into Athens, spent 2 days there and then flew to Santorini. After staying in Santorini they took a ferry to Mykonos. The pictures are amazing, the sounded fantastic and she told me is was the best vacation she has ever been on.

    She booked through a travel agent because she didn't know how to book it herself. So if your unfamiliar with the country, I'd go that route.
  • The Greek Isles are next on my list of places I want to visit.  We considered going there for our honeymoon but Italy won out.  However, I did a little research so I can share what I learned!

    Greece mainland and the Greek isles are supposed to be quite different.  You'll probably fly in through Athens, so if it was me, I'd probably spend a day checking out the ruins.  But a lot of people don't like the mainland at all, so I wouldn't spend a lot of time there.  

    Santorini is the most popular destination of the Greek Isles, but consequently, the most crowded and "touristy."  I think the consensus seems to be that Naxos is the place to stay - quieter, more authentic, cute towns, nice beaches and historical sites.  The best mix of everything!  From there, you can take day trips to the other islands.  Mykanos is another popular destination but has a rep as the party island.  So if that's not your thing I'd stay elsewhere.  

    For more specific advice, I'd ask the nest travel board, they are very knowledgeable ladies over there!  
  • Amazing! Yes, I totally want to go there, it seems beautiful. Thanks for all the info I will definitely check out the Nest travel board and also look into a travel agent!
  • Keep in mind it can get very warm and humid over there in July and August.( Just letting you know- didn't know when you were getting married) Think about when your getting married when planning your honeymoon and talk you a travel agent.
    Otherwise Greece can be very beautiful
  • Greece is my favorite country!!!!  What an excellent pick!!!  Wink
      The Greek Islands are amazing and you can easily take a hydrfoil to two or three different islands during your honeymoon to get a feel as each one is a bit different.  Santorini is visually stunning but not really a beach island.  Mykonos is very hip and I loved the vibe but their beaches aren't the best unless you head to the crowded Paradise or SuperParadise (where everyone from Europe will be in July and August!).  Personally, I really loved Corfu.  If you have an interest in Greece, its a beautiful island.  Very green, lots of great sandy beaches and very easy to get around.
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  • It really depends on what you want to do.  Santorini is beautiful but you can cover the whole island in a few days. There is a black sand beach and a red sand beach but these are not the swimming beaches at all.  They are cool to visit but they are not the "Greek beaches".   I would suggest doing Athens for a few days and then spend a week hitting Naxos and the other islands b/w Athens (Piraeus) and Santorini.  the normal ferry is 8 hours, the Flying Cat is maybe half that, and by plane, i think, an hour.  PM me if you have questions and we can try to help...
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