My DIY Invitations go out today!

I worked on these invitations for 3 weeks, took longer than I thought.  I wanted them out by the 18th, but I didn't finish them until a couple days ago and wanted to wait for the animal shelter stamps to buy them and mail them today.  

Here's a few pictures! (taken with cell phone so not best quality)

The front, there is a wood grain print behind the vellum:

The back, glassine envelope with tags and info card inside:

The tags come out of the glassine envelope on the back, the tag has the name on the front and RSVP info on the back.  For people bringing guests, those tags have a box to check off if they are and to write the guest's name in so I can make them a tag. I'm using the tags to hang from a wooden board at the reception and writing the table # on the bottom of each tag.  I also enclosed an info card for ceremony / attire info, registry info, and our email.  I tried to save paper, these are the smallest mailable size.

I hope my guests like them! 

Re: My DIY Invitations go out today!

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    Very cute!  Is there a response card envelope?  Yes, people are that lazy and cheap that they wont send their RSVP back without  a pre-stamped and addressed envelope.
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    Yeah there is, its the smaller envelope pictured backwards. I'm excited for people to get them! It finally feels like its real and its less than 2 months away!! No turning back now lol.
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    Those are really, really cute - and totally unique!  You should start a business! Great job!!!
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    Those look amazing!!!
    And they're the five best friends that anyone could have, the five best friends that anyone could have! Photobucket
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    Thanks guys!  I'm glad you like them it makes me really happy!  They aren't the typical invite.  Not very pretty invites, but we are unique people and love nature and I really liked the photo corners, verdana font, and tags to re-use at reception, and our wedding theme is nature, and will have polaroids as our "guest book" so it all ties together. =)
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