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Making my signature line "clickable"

Ok, after several tries, how the heck do I make my wedding bio site a clickable link?
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Re: Making my signature line "clickable"

  • The code built into this website does not allow for that.  Most websites will remove any links and other coding to keep any malicious malware off their servers.
  • Try this:
    This is it is set up in my signature:  I hope it works for you, another knottie helped me with this.  You should be able to put the website address (mine says www. and all that) and then the title like wedding bio or planning bio and dont remove any of the other stuff into your signature.  That is what will make it clickable in the signature.  I hope it work for you. 

    <a href="website here" />Title like wedding bio here</a>
  • WOOOOOHOOOO!!!  It worked!  Thank YOU!!
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