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Nevada-Las Vegas

Well, that's done!

We decided to just pick a date and get married. Since,  I had already done a lot of research, I was able to plan everytning in less than 2 weeks. And we did it yesterday! I'm officially Mrs. G!

Some reviews...

Plaza Hotel - Since we got married at the chapel there, I just got a room there to get ready. My wedding coordinator was able to get me early check-in that morning so I would have enough time. Check-in was quick and security actually walked me across the casino to the south tower elevator bank to show me the way. I only had a suitcase with necessities since mom was coming with my gown a little later. The first room I was in was very clean. As in, the carpet was soaking wet. Called the front desk and within minutes the housekeeping supervisor was at my door to apologize  (the carpet was freshly shampooed as it was noted the room was for a wedding) and the bell desk was there with keys to a new room next door and insisted on rolling my bag into the new room. I stopped down at South Tower valet to ask about help for my mom with my gown. No problem! They called the bell desk and poof, there they were! Overall, the service was just as good as the bigger hotels, very friendly. Only one person was totally unhelpful and I think she didn't understand what I was asking. We also asked for late check out at about 3am and no problem! Stay until noon!

Plaza chapel - Beautiful chapel.  Small enough to be intimate, but big enough that it isn't a converted storage closet. Myrna was just wonderful to work with - 100 questions in 10 days and always a quick response. No charge for bringing my own photographer or music. We had trouble emailing our mp3s to her so her assistant came up to our room to get the cd. Which didn't work. So they downloaded the song I wanted to walk down the aisle to. I only needed about 25 seconds of it though. I arrived late because it took FOREVER to lace me up. Minister came up to see me on the third floor, ask a few questions and off we went down to the chapel. Ceremony was quick. H was glad about that, he was dreading something long. I'll post pics when I get them back later this week

Wicked Spoon- Ugh! The food is amazing! Our cake was beautiful. Our service? If you are more than four people dining, it's atrocious. Plates not cleared. 15 minute waits for beverages WHEN they came to check on us. Something is wrong when I have to get up and find the manager to ask for soda. Or when my MIL got up to ask another server for a fork after waiting 15 minutes. Or the 45 minutes we waited for a second box for her slice of cake, because they couldn't find one? Or the 30 minutes we waited for the check because the manager had it and they couldn't find him. Or that it was wrong. My parents surprised us by paying for our dinner. When I checked the bill, since mom didn't know what our contract stated or what we were told verbally, I discovered we were not charged what I was quoted for mixed drinks. Our server brought this to the mgrs attention, who just comped the 9 mixed drinks instead of adjusting them to the price I was quoted, which was nice but I was willing to pay for them at the correct price. 

Also,  at some point we had an asst. mgr to help with cake. Who proceeded to stick her fingers in our cake instead of using a serving utensil. We were a party of ten not thirty, so our group was easily managable. I have a pic of the cake but am having trouble uploading. I'll try again in a second post.

And I'm seriously easy going about most of my wedding crap, which is why I was able to just do it fast, but the service was just awful. We weren't asking for much, just plates cleared, beverage service in a reasonable time and to be checked on. 

Re: Well, that's done!

  • congrats on the mrs.  great reviews sorry bout wicked spoon
  • which package did you use? 
  • We just had dinner. I booked at the contracted rate with an added cake and reservation for nine, set for ten. We debated about using the private room and decided it was a loss if we did because we wouldn't meet the minimum. It wasn't busy though, even in the main dining room.
  • ok what package for the wedding?

  • For the chapel, we went with the Simply Love package. We had no bridal party so we didn't need the additional flowers.

    Which reminds me....

    Our package came with a bottle of champagne. Myrna asked if we wanted it after the ceremony or in our room. We decided in our room. When we returned that night, our champagne was there on ice with glasses.

    We also found a second bottle of champagne and a platter of chocolate covered strawberries and cheesecake with a card addressed to The G's. We thought it was also from The Plaza. Nope. My BFFs back home called the hotel that day and had them delivered to our room with the card and personalized note. Made me cry from missing them but it was lovely. And delicious!
  • awww how sweet and ok :) great
  • How nice of your friends - we had sweet friends who did something similar.  Sorry for the bad service at Wicked Spoon but everything else sounded great.
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    Congrats on the planning and just getting it done.
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  • Congrats:) Sorry to hear about the Wicked Spoon
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  • Mango, did you get your cake from Wicked Spoon?

    Yikes on the bad service, we are getting married next year there and pay for the f&b minimum for the private room. I hope they will fix the service by next year.
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_nevada-las-vegas_well-thats-done?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:91Discussion:c2537e8d-70f2-4a5a-b869-83bbbf63fc54Post:33dbbe06-b95c-4319-828f-ea9f7933db36">Re: Well, that's done!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Mango, did you get your cake from Wicked Spoon? Yikes on the bad service, we are getting married next year there and pay for the f&b minimum for the private room. I hope they will fix the service by next year.
    Posted by eviliciouz[/QUOTE]

    <div>Yes, the cake came from Wicked Spoon. It was beautiful. We wanted buttercream with a swirl design. The design was hand-painted, they put a small chocolate sculpture on top, some airbrushing. We went with Chocolate/chocolate, it was delicious. I tried posting a pic but i'm not able to from the tablet, I will try later from my laptop. I will say most of our guests were already full so they only took a small bite of their slice. I was going to buy cake boxes the day before but changed my mind. I wish I had.</div><div>
    </div><div>We were going to go with the private room up until a few days before. We weren't going to be close to the minimum with 10 people, even with alcohol and the cake, so we decided not to go with it. I'm not sure if that would have made a difference in service since we would have been out of sight. I want to say we just had a very inexperienced server but I don't know.  I will also admit that most of the people at our table have worked in restaurants and thought the same thing I did about the service. We chose WS because one defined menu would not have appealed to some of our guests. But the food was amazing!! H and I would go back alone, no question. Don't let our bad service experience worry you - chances are you'll have a much better experience.</div><div>
    </div><div>Our web optimized pics will be emailed tonight so hopefully I can post them later.</div><div>
  • yea looking forward to pics :)
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