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St. Lucia/St. Marten/St. Thomas/Aruba/ Antigua??

Im looking to go to one of these places for my honeymoon and would like to stay in an all inclusive resort. My fiance and I are a younger couple 24 and 23 so we want to stay at a place with a lot of things to do with bars and pools. Any suggestions on where to go and what hotel to stay at?? All input would be greatly appreciated!

Re: St. Lucia/St. Marten/St. Thomas/Aruba/ Antigua??

  • I have never been to St. Lucia, Aruba or Antigua. But, went on a cruise a few years ago to St. Maarten and St. Thomas. Out of these two, I far preferred St. Maarten. It was very unique. Both sides - the dutch and the french had things that were totally different to do. Plus, it was not as touristy as St. Thomas. Regardless of where you go, I'm sure you will have a fantastic time!
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  • I went to St. Maarten on vacations twice in 3 years and it is spectacular.  I can't recommend a specific resort since the resort we stayed at both times was through RCI (timeshare company) and we had a kitchen in our 1 bedroom suite so we cooked for ourselves most of the time.  However, the island is absolutely spectacular!  The weather both times was stellar the entire week we were there.  The people of the island are so nice.  The duality between the french and the dutch sides is so interesting.  On the french side, you really feel like you've been dropped into a little town in France.  It's absolutely lovely.  The dutch side is where we stayed both times and the shopping, food, nightlife is great!  I would recommend visiting the island highly....and make sure to bring back some of their native guavaberry liqueur.  Yum!!
  • aruba and st thomas are my 2 least fave islands.
    i suggest that you look for an all inclusive near a large town so that you have a variety of stuff. note: on the islands the AIs aren't generally near the towns-that's why they're AI. i've never liked the entertainment at AIs and as for the bars-great for drinks. not much else.
    if you have your options open check out the royal in either cancun or playa del carmen. they're both within walking distance to a lot of fun restaurants, bars etc..


  • In the Caribbean, I've been to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Bermuda (okay, not technically Caribbean), Anguilla, St. Kitt's, Nevis, Grenada, and St. Martin. Of those islands, Anguilla and Grenada were my favorites, and St. Martin was actually my least favorite. I lived in Manhattan at the time, in the Columbia area just outside Harlem, and I felt MUCH safer there than I did on St. Martin. We stayed on the French side, at Le Petit and L'Esplanade, neither of which are all-inclusive. L'Esplanade was much nicer, partially because it was a short walk from the beach. The beach Le Petit is on was covered in bits of glass at the time we were there, and we didn't feel comfortable walking to restaurants nearby.
  • If you go to St. Maarten, stay on the Dutch side (eat on the French side!).  I can recommend a great dive shop in Philipsburg if you end up going, the scuba is really good.  Going to Marigot for a day trip is great, it's like a mini tropical Paris (hellooo duty-free luxury goods!).

    I agree St. Thomas is very touristy.  If you want to do the USVI, go with St. John (although I'm pretty sure no all-inclusives there).
  • St. Lucia was absolutely amazing, however I think the only all inclusive is Sandals.  It is an amazing island though!  

    I hated St. Thomas - to touristy, pushy, dirty.

    Antigua had the most beautiful beaches - great for just relaxing and a little town area at the cruise ship port for shopping. 

    Just be aware with the islands that if cruise ships are in port the beaches and shopping areas because crowded, the tours fill up quickly and the population on those islands can triple.
  • dalm0mdalm0m member
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    If you want fun & excitement go to Mexico or PR.  All of the islands you mentioned are sleepy & laid back. None have amazing night life.  All are beautiful & have interesting things to do in their own ways. 
  • We've been to St. Lucia for our hm and stayed at the Sandals Grande St. Lucian which was amazing.
    On our cruise we had been through St. Thomas and we kinda viewed it as a tourist trap albeit beautiful.
    Antigua we haven't been to yet but are going next March.
    We have also been to Cancun Mexico. Negril Jamaica and Key West Florida (not AI)

    Here is the link to our website where you can find our reviews of St. Lucia and Jamaica (sorry haven't done one for Mexico and we just got back from Key West last night). On our site we also have pics from all the trips.


    if you have any questions please feel free to ask. HTH

    Our Website

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  • MedTecMedTec member
    We loved St. Lucia it was truly our dream island, we have not been to the other destinations but seriously I cannot imagine anything better than St. Lucia.
  • We are young too and went to Tamerjin in Aurba.  Tons to do and a very friendly and safe island.  We had a blast.
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