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are you preserving your dress?

what are your plans?  mine is just hanging out in the bag it came in.  what should i do?  i wish i could shorten it and wear it again - haha!

Re: are you preserving your dress?

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    I am thinking about getting my dress turned into a quilt but so far all of the places I have looked at are really expensive. I might just end up preserving mine.
  • My mom was on the ball, she took it to get preserved over our honeymoon.  It is back and all set for storage!
  • When we have babies I'm going to cut mine up and make cute stuffed animals and use it as lining on baby blankets...that type of thing.  :)
  • My mom took mine to be cleaned and preserved. She said it was her gift to me.
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  • I donated mine to Brides Against Breast Cancer. I am going to be 45 in July, we are not having any kids (obviously) and I figured it did not need to sit in a box until I died.

    I got the idea from another Knottie. Brides Against Breast Cancer is a make a wish for people who have terminal breast cancer.

  • I was thinking of donating it and preserving the veil, it seems more likely to be something my hypothetical daughter could use. But the hem is dirty (wedding in a garden) and I don't know if I want to have it cleaned just to donate it. So it's hanging in the closet for now.
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  • I had to leave Los Angeles about 3 days after my wedding, so dropping off my dress to be preserved was the last thing I did before I left.  I got a call last week saying it was ready and that the dress should arrive sometime this week.
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