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Trinity United Methodist Church Downtown

Hey Ladies!
     I found a reception place I loved downtown however I need to find a separate place for a ceremony. I really don't want to have a square ceremony with random people looking at me so I was wondering if anyone had any information about the Trinity Church that was downtown or any Churches downtown that will accept non-members? That or any other possible ceremony only places- I would really appreciate it! I'm really hoping to keep everything downtown too. Thanks!

Re: Trinity United Methodist Church Downtown

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    Trinity UMC is about $1600-1900 depending on whether or not you want their pastor to officiate. Wesley Monumental UMC is about $1300-1600. Wesley has their wedding info on thier website http://www.wesleymonumental.org/index.php/Special-Occasions/weddings.html and trinity you have to call the office to have them send the info in an email. Both have rules about flash photography as well as you can only book 9 months in advance if you are a non memeber. Trinity will not allow an aisle runner, however, I am not sure about Wesley.

    I know there is another church in the downtown area that allows non-members however I cannot remember who they are.

    Hope this helps :)
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    The Baptist church next to Trinity allows non members.  I'm not sure of the fees.  

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