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HELP - wedding dress dilemma

So, my wedding is 2+ years away.  A few months ago I started looking at dresses and fell in love with an Allure bridal dress.

I found it at a local bridal shop, tried it on and got the whole teary eyed, butterflies in my stomach experience. My mom who was with me loved it too and had the same reaction. On top of that, it fits like a glove, no alterations needed except bra cups

Here is the dilemma: Is two years too far out to commit to a wedding dress? I think the  dress is timeless, but what is your experience with dresses and changing/non-changing taste of a bride over time?
Obviously I'm new to this and I'm freaking out a little but I don't want the dress to be discontinued if I wait too long

Re: HELP - wedding dress dilemma

  • I think if you loved the dress that much you will regret not getting it. Every dress you try on for the next two years will be compared to that one and to that reaction. Not to say you wont find another that you love...but if you don't then you will be so disappointed. If you don't tend to fluctuate in weight and you think the dress is timeless I see no reason not to get it.
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