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low key, inexpensive wedding ideas??

I am recently engaged and have a lot of ideas of what i would like to do for our wedding!  My Fiance and I are extremely tight in funds currently and our parents cannot help much either.  We want a very simple wedding, outdoors, very nature oriented.  We would love to have traditional tendencies with a modern and country twist.  I know its a wierd combo.  We would like to keep the budget very low, the guest list shouldnt be over 100.  I keep saying simple yet elegant.  We are thinking about July but keep contenplainting a winter wedding only because of the cost.  Any ideas for venues? Parks? Beaches?  im up for anything! 

Re: low key, inexpensive wedding ideas??

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    To keep costs down try looking into the state parks, pref. one with a pavillion like Orient so you don't have to do a tent rental, which is pricey. Most beachs you can't have alcohol on, so if you want to serve liquor or beer, you won't want to go this direction.
    There's a directory of state parks online you can look into for some in your area and go from there.
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    destination wedding?


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    If you want something elegant but not too expensive, I'd do an afternoon wedding, have dinner with the family and bridal party (if you're having one) then have all your friends attend a cocktail party in the evening that would just be drinks and appetizers.  Cutting out dinner would save tons of money and you could put that money toward a park in a tent.  Also, I'd consider skipping a dj and making compiling your music on an ipod- i've heard of this being done and being pretty successful, especially if you add a line on your rsvp for song suggestions.


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    *tent in a park or on a beach....
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    Cocktail reception.  One of the best chefs who does this is the "Heavenly Chef," Mark Chabus.  I've used him for a bunch of different parties and doing a cocktail reception can be very cost effective.

    Good luck!
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