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E-Pics To have the dogs or not have the dogs??

We have two dogs, a 60 pounder and 25 pounder, they are a huge part of our lives, and I would love to have them included in the shots but is that over kill?  I won't be able to have my girl with me on my wedding day to bring me the ring b/c we moved it to his homestate, so i want them to be a part.... but what do you guys think?

Re: E-Pics To have the dogs or not have the dogs??

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    I love engagement photos with dogs...just make sure you get a few of just the two of you as well.  How does your fiance feel about this, and does your photog know how to work with animals?
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    I don't see anything wrong with that, go for it.
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    just sent him an email.  we will see. I dont want people to think we had family pics with our dogs lol
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    My profile picture is from our engagement session. We included our dog in some of the pictures. Go for it! 
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    I think it;s cute to have some pics with your dog, just make sure to check with the photographer to make sure he is comfortable with the idea :)
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    we had our poochie in ours and we are so glad we did, he's a huge part of our life together, also though get some of just you two
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    Absolutely take your dogs for the shoot!  They are part if the family right?
    Maybe just have someone there with you (like a friend or a sibling) to take care of your dogs while you have the rest of the session by yourselves.
    Always One Happy Bride!
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