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Something Positive!

I read a lot of negative things on TK since obviously this is a good place to vent, but I wanted to start a post about positive things to try and change it up a little. Today, I had dinner with FMIL - just the two of us - and it went pretty good. She and I have very opposite ways of dealing with almost everything (from cooking to cleaning to finances to family issues) but FI has reminded me that we can't change her so we just need to love her for who she is (he also does not agree with her on a lot of things). So . . .  over the past few weeks I've been handing all my frustrations with her over to the Lord and just accepting her for who she is. I still speak up when I need to, but I don't feel the need to voice my opinion to her on EVERYTHING that I disagree with. This has really helped our relationship and I'm starting to feel a little warmth toward her. It is a process and I admit that I'm still in the beginning stages, but I am slowly learning to let her into my life as more than just another woman. I'm slowly accepting her as my FMIL - someone who I'll be related too!! It's hard to believe, but it's finally settling in that I need to learn to accept her since I will be joining her family. We've never had any major fights, but I have stored up a lot of anger and frustration inside me. This new way of looking at things is really giving me a lot of peace. Thank you Father for your peace!

Just wanted to share something positive. Your turn! . . .
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Re: Something Positive!

  • iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl member
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    Awesome!  Thanks for sharing.

    I shared something positive in the praises/prayer request thread but I'll share here too.  My doctor's office has two locations.  I called the one where my PA was working today and never got the help I needed. (Backstory - I need to go back to my old, more expensive allergy med because the new, cheaper one isn't working.  I'm in misery.  The PA said she couldn't give me a new prescription because she had just prescribed the other one for me.  I explained that I would be canceling the prescription and they were supposed to call me back - never did.).  They closed and so I called the other location.  The other location offered me 20 sample pills and when I got there to pick them up, they had a discount card for me so that the old med will be about as cheap as the other one was!!  Now I know why they didn't call me back - God provides!!!
  • AllyG303AllyG303 member
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    OP I'm happy to hear not everybody has a perfect relationship with their FMIL.  I got along with mine early on in the relationship for the first couple of years, but the longer I've been with FI, the more I realized how many things I disagree with about how she lives her life.  I would like us to be closer and to read about what you said about just accepting her as she is will hopefully help me look at her in a different light. 

    On the positives--FI and I have friends in Alabama and they told us when the tornado was close, they hit the floor on their knees and started praying...the tornado literally took down everything around them, but their home didn't have a scratch on it and they are ok! 

    Another positive--FI got scans back from the doctor and they didn't find any tumors!  (They thought he may have carcinoids).  Unfortunately he still feels crappy, but at least it's not cancer from what we can tell!
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  • GJones27GJones27 member
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    A funny story that came out of wedding frustrations that made me smile after a grumpy day.  My FI's groomsmen are Brazilian, and they had to submit measurements for the tuxes.  All of documents ended up being wrong for some reason or other (metric system instead of inches, Portuguese instead of English).  And the tux place said, "One of these is REALLY bizarre; it's like he made up his numeric system!"  I didn't have it front of me, so I asked FI.  He took a look, and apparently, the GM (who is an engineer) was so technical, he went several places past the decimal point.  So instead of 13 inches, it was 13.002.  Instead of 148 pounds, it was 148.465.  Only an engineer would do that!  We laughed pretty hard that he was treating tux measurements like building a rocket.  
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    Great stories! Thank you all for sharing!

    Joe's Girl - that's awesome that you got the meds cheaper - it is amazing what God does "behind our backs" - He definitley takes care of us even when we're not expecting it!

    Ally - yeah, it is hard and sometimes I still get frustrated especially when it comes to money. I'm so glad I have FI to keep me in check! He knows his mom has some backward ways, but he loves her anyway. When I realize I can't change her, it lets off the pressure somehow - I can still be myself and she can still be herself. Praise God for your friends in AL and for your FI!!! That's amazing.

    GJones - that's too funny!!!! I totally understand this guy - I'm a math teacher so I'm very analytical myself, espcially with numbers. I suppose he used formulas to convert the measurements, but left them as exact answers b/c he wanted to make sure all the info was included! lol

    Thanks for sharing. Let's hear some more!
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    I like the positivity! 

    I got my invitations all addressed last night thanks to the help of one of my BM's! Yay

    Also, a coworker of mine had a baby today! A little boy. Praises for new life and new beginnings! 
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    That's awesome!! whooohooo!
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