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I have to get my dress cleaned before the wedding.  It's silk so I'm nervous about a dry cleaner messing it up!  Has anyone had their dress cleaned in the Metroplex, and if so, where did you take it?  I would especially prefer your recommendation if your dress is silk and they did a great job.

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Re: Dress Dry Cleaned

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    I used Market Street Cleaners in Las Colinas. My dress was satin with lace and lace appliques. He did a wonderful job. When I originally talked to him he said he could do it and to bring my dress in. At the same time he told me when I brought it in if he couldn't clean it he would tell me and not even mess with it. It ended up being $100. He hung it nicely and stuffed the bodice.

    When I took it to Becky to fix the bustle she took a look at it and she was even impressed with how good of a job he did!
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    I live in Las Colinas and have used the company above as well.  I highly, highly recommend him!
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    Thanks!  I'm hoping that someone has had a silk dress cleaned somewhere in Dallas (I've heard silk is really tricky and can be easily ruined).  I'm super nervous about having it cleaned but it needs it (thanks to the alterations person who got marks on it that weren't there before....grrr!).
    I appreciate the recomendation!
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