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hi ladies!

ahhh, so we're finally back in NYC. booooo. i miss home already. the wedding (as i posted before) was so so so so amazing and SO much fun. everyone had an amazing time, we had a WHOLE bunch 'o drunk people and lots of dancing! even DH's parents got up and boogied for a good hour and a half! it was awesome.

everyone loved the drinks we had (lychee libation aka martinis and lilikoi mojitos plus beer, wine etc). our younger friends and WP were on a huge kick of patron shots (the large costco sized bottle was gone right when dancing started at about 8:45pm), and shots of the lychee vodka. DH and i didn't eat as much as we should have, so of course we had a GOOD buzz going on. we were even dancing around, the dance floor was wet from spilled drinks and i COMPLETELY fell on my a**. like full on fall down. i was pretty drunk, so i don't remember much, but apparently, everyones' hands were in the air, jumping around and dancing, the bride completely eats sh*t, and everyone bent over to pick me up. 
my left strap even broke off - but luckily for me they had snap ons, so DH tried to put it back on... but had a hard time because i was up and dancing already! hah. :) good times.

anyway, i've put up some vendor reviews in my married (eek!) bio, and updated my for sale page. please let me know if you'd like anything! it's all in HI at my dad's house.

and i know i already posted this, but just so it's all in one (and in case some of you aren't on my FB), i've been taking people's pictures and updating my album:

pro teasers from eddy:

and as cari pointed out, our ceremony highlights from imaginewurks:


thanks again to everyone for all their inspiration and support -- planning lani would NOT have been doable without everyone's help.. much love to you all!

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