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Down to the Wire LONG

The wedding is in 2 weeks.  We leave  in 9 days.  I feel like I could either just sit and scream or cry, not sure which.  FI's wedding band came the other day, mine is supposedly being Fed Ex'd out today.  Reception - I think we're down to the minor details and I told the restaurant manager we would work those out when we arrived.  Musician - Bless his heart he is learning several new songs.  I can't wait to hear him.  Wedding Dress - they called me Saturday (while I was in bed with stomach flu) and said the dress is done.  I'm still having the fitting Friday but they just wanted me not to worry.  Favors - I'm having T-shirts made with our logo.  The company that is making them we have used for business purposes before and they have been a little slow in the past so I called the owner in March just to give her a heads up.  Last week she told me they would be ready Monday and I never heard from her.  Called and e-mailed yesterday, no response.  Today I called and got someone else......long story short, they haven't started them.  He asked me to resend all the information and he would get them made tonight.  I'll believe it when I see it.  Still working on the schedule of events and various paper DIY stuff.  Haven't even started the fan programs!  MOH dress is still not in, we're going to develop a back up plan tonight.....not sure what that is going to be.  Since FI owns his own business we also have to make sure all business related items are done, that some work is ready to go with me and staff has things under control......none of this is started.  Right now I would love to just leave!!!  I So now I have 5 days before guests start arriving to my house.  A friend who is not going to the wedding is flying in on Wednesday for my bachelorette party on Thursday, the next day my best friend and her family arrive, party Thursday night, we all leave Saturday night.  My house is no where close to ready for guests.  I have bought some food and started loading the pantry but you know all the details that go into preparing rooms for everyone.  I feel like the end is near....so close, yet so far and I'm going to lose it at the end.  FI has truly been a trooper.  He knows I'm on the verge of snapping and is trying to do everything he can to keep me calm.

It's all going to be fine - I repeat over and over and over lol

Re: Down to the Wire LONG

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    I was just thinking about you Sandy!

    I say scratch the programs!!  Those take a while, and seriously, they just go in the garbage anyway. Save yourself some sanity! Favours are also totally optional things, so if they don't work out, don't stress it!

    It WILL be amazing, even if everything turns out differently than you planned.
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    OMG Sandy...time has moved so quickly.  I have to agree with with Alyson about scratching programs and favors.  It's just material thing that most people will forget about...but they won't forget what a fantastic time they had spending it with you and your FI in Hawaii.

    I'll have to repeat that same chant when my turn comes up...it will be all right, everything will work out...LOL
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    Ok, breathe!  You're right - it's all going to be fine.  In fact, I'll bet it's WAY better than fine!

    I agree with pp's - programs and favors aren't worth the worry.  If the t-shirts don't come in, forget about them.  They're really not important, in the grand scheme of things.  Programs, I would't even both with.

    MOH dress - I say she picks up a dress at a local department store - Macy's, whatever - and if her dress comes in in time, great, return the Macy's dress; if not, use the Macy's dress.

    As for the rest of your DIY, just keep it as simple as you possibly can.  Schedule of events can be a one-page timeline printed on nice stationary.  Or it can be an email to those who are coming.  Whatever you have time for.  But, again, this is the small stuff, so try hard not to sweat it.

    And in the end, you're getting married in Hawaii - what could be better?  :)
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    :::Sending you de-stressing vibes:::

    Don't kill yourselves over the details. I promise you that you are the only one who will notice/care about them. We didn't do favors or schedule of events--no one cared and everyone ended up at the right place at the right time. I did programs, and it's the one thing that I spent time/money on that I felt was a total waste. We had half of them left over, and I don't think anyone more than glanced at them. I promise that your friends will understand if your house isn't perfection. You're the bride--give yourself a break. :)

    Congrats! You're almost there!
  • lwav8176lwav8176 member
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    Everyone has given some great advice! No matter what, it will still be BEAUTIFUL and nobody will even notice if some small details are missed. :-)
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    Don't stress, Sandy!! It will all come together in the end. I echo everyone else about forgetting about the programs and the favors. Seriously, as brides we stress over all the details and the majority of the guests don't notice or appreciate it, hahaha. If the t-shirts don't work out, you can nix that too. When your house guests arrive, don't be afraid to delegate delegate delegate!!! It's all about you now and you want to make sure you are relaxed. I'm sure your friends will be happy to help and it will get them excited for the big day too!

    Your wedding day will be fantastic, don't worry!!

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    OMG Sandy!  I can't believe it's almost here!!  We've all been there.  Just try to keep your sense of humor and enjoy every moment.  I'm sure everything will be beautiful.

  • mahea75mahea75 member
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    I agree with all the Ladies.  Nix the programs and the favors.  Now remind yourself that the most important thing is that you are getting married to someone you love, and who loves you as well.  Let someone else stress about the details, you just need to worry about enjoying your day and your moments.

    Sending lots of Happy Vibes for a stress free event!!  Your day will be beautiful because it is when you begin your new life as husband and wife.  It's easy for me to say this now, but I will probably be needing these reminders as it gets closer to our date as well.  So again, lots of Happy and stress free vibes for a beautiful day.
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    Thanks for all of the advice and the support.  I swear I have felt numb all week!!


    Dress - fits great and in my possession
    Favors - Amazingly he was true to his word and they were delivered to me yesterday morning and look awesome!!  I need to take a picture to show you all.
    Wedding Band - not sure on this one as supposedly it was Fed Ex'd but isn't here.
    Programs - my friend that is coming to town Wed. said leave it, she would deal with it when she got here lol.
    House - A small amount of cleaning and I think it will be tolerable lol.
    MOH Dress - It arrived yesterday to her in Nebraska, however they ordered it 2 sizes to big and their seamstress is on vacation.  The shop where I got my dress and flower girl dress said they would do alterations on a rush for her.  She arrives at 10:30 am Thursday and they said to come straight to the shop from the airport.
    Business - Clients are freaking out that we will be gone that long but have been talked off the ledge.  Everything is going to be fine.

    I have started out my morning by making lists galore and I think I have pulled myself out of the funk and ready to get down to business.  I can't believe it's almost here!!  I want to get as much done as I can this weekend and enjoy my week with friends , get to Hawaii and have the time of my life!!

    Thanks again ladies!
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    Go Sandy, Go!!  I know its going to be hectic, but its going to be beautiful & wonderful.  Finish all the main things and don't worry too much about the little things.  If there isn't enough time, there isn't enough time.  it's all about the 2 of you becoming husband & wife.  Enjoy yourself & your new husband, and just have a wonderful time. 

    This is what I try & tell myself when I start hyperventilating :).  LOL.  Good luck & enjoy!!
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