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August Week 4 Accountability

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Last week of the month!
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Re: August Week 4 Accountability

  • I finally lost another pound! I was losing a lot of motivation because I wasn't seeing progress. I also got around to taking measurements so I could compare to my previous ones and that helped motivate me too.

    I've been mixing up my workouts quite a bit and that seems to help. I think I was getting too used to them. And I started keeping track of my food and counting calories. We went shopping the other day and it took forever because we were spending a lot of time reading labels. I think this will be a good habit to get into though. I have terrible eating habits and definitely need to change that.

    I did a little bit of a workout yesterday. Although I requested a certain video on FI's computer he wanted to try a harder one. Unfortunately the harder one was... well, harder. We couldn't keep up or figure out what the heck they were doing and didn't get a very good workout because of that.
    We just got back from a restaurant and I probably ate too much. Also, today was a much needed lazy day. I spent the day molding my Sims family and even tortured one of them with a four hour workout. Back on track for me tomorrow!
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  • Good job CK! I know how frustrating it is when the numbers on the scale don't budge. I made a rule that I will only weigh myself once a week, one the days that I'm supposed to check in with my coach. That way I'm not obsessing over the scale... those numbers will [email protected] with you!

    I am doing pretty good on my plan these days. Coach says I'm looking better and better! :) I ended up the menstrual cycle from hell last week so now I'm not uber-bloated, and I feel much better. Have been doing my hour on the StairMaster in the mornings before work, and lifting heavy at night. I really want to put on some muscle in my shoulders and arms.
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