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My guest list is out of control

OK so I am a bride on a budget, and my parents are helping SOME not ALL. Anyways the guest list is at about 425-450, yea crazy right? There are quite a few out of towners, but I am wondering for those who are having big weddings or have had big weddings, how many actually RSVP? Oh and if they do not RSVP they will be called. Any other tips to keep my budget where its at will help!!!

Re: My guest list is out of control

  • We're in the midst of this exact situation (not to this scale though).  We started with 150, we're now at 190..  we've paid for 150, every guest over that is $60.  Sooooo umm, we WILL be calling if we don't receive an RSVP by the date requested (next monday).  
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  • If you can not afford to have that many guests then it's time to start narrowing down that guest list. It's tough when you would like to invite everyone but when it's not in your budget, it's just not in your budget. In my opinion you should budget for your minimum guarantee at your venue plus 35 or so extra. The percentage of people that RSVP no is hardly ever predictable, unless you know for sure there is no possible way someone is going to make it. We have quite a few out towners ourselves but if you tell folks way in advance, if they want to attend, chances are they will budget for it and be there. So don't invite folks, just for the sake of inviting them, they might just say yes.
  • We are expecting 250 guests and I'm sure 50% will not RSVP. This is the norm for my FI's family and friends. So a few days after the deadline I plan on having a "call party". I'll cook dinner, have over his parents and we divide up the list and start calling. Leave messages and even send FB messages if you have too. You need an accurate head count.

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  • Oh girl! That sounds like my cousin's wedding right there. She had 42 table of 10 guests each.  So back to your question, my GL is about 215 right now. I'm trying to trim down to 150 (175 max).  I'm not having a calling party to ask about their RSVP. I'm simply going to let them know that the date has passed and we had to submit our final numbers to the caterer. Sorry. 

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  • Thanks everyone for the input, it is sad that I know I will probably have to have a calling party with that amount of people, I am ready to put in the RSVP card that if you do not RSVP then we will consider you not attending and therefore will be deleted. People do not understand that weddings are not free, get a grip!!

  • This happened to us... we were all mad and stressed out at being 100 people over. How about those 100 people aren't even coming or didn't RSVP. We ended up less than our original estimate. Hang in there!
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