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My best friend is getting married and I am one of her bridesmaids. We are childhood friends and I would love to give a speech at the reception but I am not her maid of honor, her sister is, as of course she should be. But I wasn't sure if it is ok to give a speech or should that only be for the maid of honor? Thanks for the help!!

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  • Only if she asks you to give one.
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  • That's weird, I've had people telling me that I shouldn't ask other people to give speeches, I should wait for them to offer. O.o
  • Do you know if anyone's giving a speech at the RD? One of my BMs surprised me by giving a speech then. I'm glad she didn't do it at the wedding (we already had BM, MOH and my dad doing toasts, it would have been overkill), but I'm also really glad that she said what she did, and in our case the RD was pretty unstructured and intimate, so it worked.
  • Ditto with the RD. We've had a few people ask if they can make speeches at the wedding and we let them know that we would love for them to make a speech at the RD. My sister did this and it worked out great!

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    [QUOTE]That's weird, I've had people telling me that I shouldn't ask other people to give speeches, I should wait for them to offer. O.o
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    I agree with this advice.  I would never ask someone to make a speech/toast in my honor.

    ETA:  it's your best friend.  I don't see the harm in asking her.  She could always politely decline if she doesn't want one. 
  • I would ask her if you could give a speech at the RD. Chances are at the wedding the BM, MOH, and brides father will each be giving a speech and they might not want to add another speech at the reception.
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  • I don't see anything wrong with offering to say a few words at the reception.  I would be honored if a friend of mine wanted to say some things from her heart to us. But I would check with her first - grabbing the mic from the DJ is a no no
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  • only if you are asked!

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  • I understand the thought behind it, but it does seem weird to me to wait until the bride asks. I don't think I asked my moh or Dh his bm to make a speech. That just seems kind of akward to me. Like, "Hey, can you speak at the wedding about how great I am?"
    Maybe just mention to her how much it means to be a part of the wedding and how you would like to say some words, either at the RD or the wedding. Then let her take it from there.
  • Thank you so much for all of the advice! I think I will say a few words at the RD because there already will be a lot of people speaking at the wedding reception. 
  • I know at several weddings I've attended, if they were on schedule they would open the mic up to anyone who wanted to say something to the couple.  You can ask her if she is doing this and you can speak then, if not then I agree with speaking at the RD instead.
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