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Hotel Wedding or Free Standing Chapel??

There are eight (8) hotels that have chapels and no resort fees:

Alex Park Resort
Caeser's Palace
Golden Nugget
Imperial Palace
Paris Las Vegas
Planet Hollywood

I am debating on which way would be the most economical - a wedding at one of these hotels or just go with a free standing chapel and staying at another hotel without resort fees?

Re: Hotel Wedding or Free Standing Chapel??

  • Well if you are planning on staying at the hotel you are getting married at, and would be having the reception at the same hotel. Then you could save yourself some transportation costs... But that also depends if you want to go else where for pictures. 
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  • I hate resort fees as much as anyone but I wouldn't plan my wedding around whether the hotel charges $20/day in BS fees; the wedding is far more important.

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  • I loved the Golden Nugget (obviously).  I vote for that.
    Now with more wedded bliss.

    I don't get married often, but when I do, I do it in Las Vegas.


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  • Anyone heard of the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon??  For $99 they will meet you anywhere...
  • I also vote Golden Nugget, just on price for value.  I didn't have my ceremony or reception there, but I've stayed there multiple times and for the wedding as well and everyone was really accomodating and sweet coordinating pick-up from Debi at Fit for a Bride and some other special requests we had.
  • We're getting married at the flamingo so of course I'm bias to that. But you should check out and see the reviews so you can make a frugal, wise decision.
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