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August 2011 Weddings

Tuesday Confessions

Since jonchrissy is moving today I thought I'd help her out!

GO! Smile
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Re: Tuesday Confessions

  • I made it to the gym last night.. for the first time since JUNE!!   I have a relatively active lifestyle, so i didnt take too much of a hit with being so lazy, but, time to get back on the horse!  struggling for those last 10!

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  • My boss gets married on saturday... and I am realllllly nervous to be holding down the fort by myself! she is gone for 2.5 weeks! 
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    I confess that I had a really hard time with Corey leaving for the field this morning.  He's been going out there all summer but today was just really tough, probably because today is our anniversary (not our wedding anniversary but still).

    I also confess that I am a little annoyed that Obama is here today, I feel like his presence is going to eff up my day because I have a lot of things to do on post.

    Oh and another confession, I HATE going over the guest list.  I am dreading the call to my MIL who thinks everyone who has ever crossed paths with Corey needs to be invited to the wedding. 
  • After being a huge slacker last week, the scale says I have gained 6 lbs. Since I know that is probably not possible, it is probably mostly water weight. Regardless, have to get rid of that plus more. Time to be a better girl this week.
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  • I confess again, that I feel so old today, it's the first day of school back home and I am seeing all these pictures of kids I have watched since they were in diapers getting on the bus for their first day of kindergarten.  I actually teared up a little when I saw a picture of my neighbor with her backpack on because she's like my parents stand in grand child until I decide to pop one out.  I am such a sucker for these kinds of things.

    Shtallion- I know how you feel!  Corey was gone last week and he was only home Sat, Sun, and Mon and I put on 4 pounds while he was back. 
  • I confess that I'm really hoping that when I go to the doctor tomorrow he tells me I have to be out of work longer... As much as it sucks to hobble around, being on crutches has given me a lot of time to get wedding and school stuff done. 
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  • Mrssunshine- I would rather be on crutches than in a sling!  I have a feeling after today I am going to be stuck back in my sling again.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to get out of work longer, you just need to keep your fingers crossed for me that I get in really soon for my shoulder surgery! (fat chance though because I am just a spouse and not active duty)
  • Aw Amy I hope everything goes okay for you!

    I would totally rather be in a sling, I had one back in middle school when I broke my arm. I'm so uncoordinated, I'm a danger to myself and others on these crutches... Not to mention I can't drive which is driving me crazy.
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  • Oh no!  I dislocated my shoulder and broke my femur within 6 months of each other (2005 was a bad year for me) and I would rather break my femur again than dislocate my shoulder.  Of course, now because of that dislocation it's back to haunt me...
  • I confess that we are putting in deposits for both the venue and ceremony plus interviewing a coordinator and I am not prepared for anything!
  • I confess that I am SO excited to see my friend in her wedding dress this afternoon! I am nervous though to go into the salon, I tried on dresses there and haven't made a decision yet, so hopefully my consultant isn't there. haha.
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  • Thanks Jess! We're back at Jons parent's right now so I'm on for a bit...

    I confess I'm ready to smack my roommate. Jon his dad and I packed up all my crap from the apartment last night so that this morning we just had to clean. My roommate decided she was going to pack when the movers got there are 11 today. We had to be out with the apartment cleaned by noon. Needless to say, I had a big stiff drink when I got back here this afternoon.
    Round 2 tomorrow....
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  • I confess that I am just in a slump right now. Just have a case of the ho-hums
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  • I was bad and ate chinese food for dinner.....but the chicken we took out this morning wasn't thawed....sooo :P

    I hate that our cable company basically has a monopoly over our area. It's ridiculous what they want to charge for cable!

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