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Groomsmen drop-out

Hello ladies. Happy Tuesday! So, I received a call last night that one of my FI groomsmen has to drop out. He is heading out to police training for 2 months in December. I know that it’s a legitimate excuse so I can't be mad at him. However, now my wedding party is uneven 7 bridesmaids, 6 groomsmen. What would you guys do? I was told that having an uneven wedding party affects wedding photos, entrances/exits in ceremony, etc. My brother gracefully volunteered to walk down with 2 girls (that will probably make his year lol)  There is no other guy that my FI wants to put in his wedding party. He has one best friend but he is in Iraq and doubts he will be able to make it to the wedding. What should I do??


Re: Groomsmen drop-out

  • I have the same problem. My FI's brother dropped out last month. I on the other hand can and am mad at him for dropping out. We have decided that we will keep our wedding party uneven as is. At first we though about dropping his sister (she is SO difficult!) I agree that it will effect the pictures and all that. But that is not what is important. I will deal with the uneven pics and I think we will have our WP walk down single file. Do you have a coordinator or planner? Our DOC had really good ideas on how to off set the unbalanced WP. I just can't remeber them all.
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  • I really dont think it would make that big of a difference with pics. you have a big WP to begin with. I say have your bro walk with two girls it should be fine! I am sorry this happened but that is awsome that he is going to police training!
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  • It's not a big deal at ALL that it's uneven. We will be having 8 girls and 6 guys because FI has a groomswoman. It's not the end of the world, nor terrible if guys have to walk with two girls, or even if two BM's have to exit together. NBD!
  • I had this issue but it was my MOH. We're down to 3 guys and 2 girls. I'm not worrying about it, if my photographer is good which they are they'll work with it and it won't look awkward. lol I think an uneven party is cool actually I don't like the "should's" of weddings anymore
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  • Just have the bestman walk by him self and then have the rest pair up.. that is what we are doing.. we have 10 GM and 9 BM.
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  • We had a similar thing happen. FI's friend joined the Marines and found out that he leaves for bootcamp in Decemeber. Luckily it worked out that FI had reconnected with a friend from high school and he asked him to be in the wedding. Which was great because then he asked FI to be a GM in his wedding next year too!

    I don't think being uneven is that bad. There are ways to work around it so it won't be noticable.
  • I don't think the uneven bridal party should be a problem. I think most of the photographers out there now are really good at doing the modern/untraditional wedding party photos and you can't even tell. Not everyone needs to be standing in a a line anyway and like others have said, one GM can walk with two BMs, no biggie :).
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  • Your groomsmen could just stand down front with the groom without walking down the aisle and all the bridemaids could walk by themselves. Plus, january is still months away and renting a tux isn't as complicated as buying a bridesmaid dress. It might be possible that your friance will reconnect with a friend or get better acquainted with someone and change his mind too. I'm sure it will all work out just fine.
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