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October 2012 Weddings

QOTD 7/2

Are you and FI religious? Do you go to church? What religion do you practice now? Is it different from what you grew up with?
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Re: QOTD 7/2

  • I grew up in a very religious family, and still go to church *sometimes*, but not the same denomination I grew up in. I grew up in a Congregational Church, but now when I attend go to a Unitarian church. FI is a lapsed Catholic who does not feel comfortable with organized religion and does not want to go to church anymore as an adult.
  • FI and I both grew up Catholic. I went to Catholic school K-12 but my family wasn't overly religious, and my parents never really went to church much.

    FI and I don't go to church all that often. We go about once a month, or we try at least. We are getting married in the Catholic Church and plan to raise our kids Catholic.
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    FI is Catholic (ish).  His family is Catholic and he was baptized, but never made his first communion or confirmation.  He believes in God, but does not got to church.  I belong the a Congregational Church and still attend every now and again.  The pastor of that church is the one performing our wedding ceremony.  To perform the marriage ceremony he wanted to meet with FI and I, so we went to church for a couple of weeks, he signed the contract for the Chapel we are using and that was that.  I must say that I am feeling a little guilty about not going to church since, but the church is 45 minutes from where we live now and it's just a bit far for us.
  • I was raised Catholic and FI was raised Baptist.  Neither of us go to church and we don't feel it's necessary to.  We believe in God and feel that as long as we lead a good life, then that is all that matters.

    My parents would like for us to baptise any children we may have, but still not sure about that.
  • FI and I are not religious. I grew up going to church, both Catholic and Methodist, but haven't been since I was 16 or 17.
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    FI and I are both Catholic. We met in Catholic high school. I used to go to church every Sunday as a kid. My Dad has since become a lapsed Catholic (my mom is Anglican) and therefore I no longer have that pressure. FI's parents on the other hand are super religious. We're getting married in their church. We try to go to church, as the priest asked us to make an effort. We do plan to baptise any future children, raise them Catholic and once they are old enough to decide what they want, respect their wishes.
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  • FI and I are not religious at all. I think he went to a catholic school in his early years but hardly went to church. My family went sometimes, but stopped. I call myself Southern Boatist, I am southern and like to boat on my Sundays. Enjoy what God gave us.
  • I'm Lutheran, FI was raised Catholic but doesn't identify himself as a catholic. We're getting married in my church and did premarital counselling with my pastor. We'd both like to raise any children we have with faith so we plan to expose them to multiple kinds of religion. 

    We don't go to church now, but we've talked about going to my church once a month or so.
  • FI and I do not go to church. FI was raised Catholic but didn't really practice any religion or go to church while growing up. I was raised Presbyterian and went to church every Sunday throughout my childhood. I participated in every youth activity and even taught Sunday School in high school. Once I went away to college, going to church each Sunday became next to impossible and during that time, my parents changed churches and became much more religious, so when I returned home, it felt too weird to go to my old church without them. I know my parents would love for us to start attending church once we have children but I don't know if that will really happen to the extent they'd like. FI and I plan to raise our children to be good people with the morals and values we believe in and let them choose their own religious path, as we have also done.
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  • I am Christian and my FI is Jewish...at the moment neither of us really practice right now. I want to start going to church again soon. We are getting married by a Rabbi, but have not yet decided what our children will be....still discussing this one. 
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  • I was raised Catholic and FI Christian. My family went to church more so when I was in elementary school. The older I got I realize that they stopped going. My dad was never a church going kind of guy but went sometimes with my mom and grandma who went to church. FI's family went every now and then. FI's mom and I go to a Christian church and try and drag FI and his dad along. Sometimes it works... sometimes it doesn't. I honestly go through stages where I go every Sunday for months and then stop. :( I'd like to be more active but I tend to make excuses. FI doesn't really like to go to church. He says he doesn't have to go to church to beleive in God. I feel differently so that's a struggle in it's own. We are not getting married at a church.
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  • I was raised Catholic, but opted out of Confirmation because it didn't have any meaning for me. My mom works for the local parish in my hometown and was none too pleased at first, but ultimately respected my decision. FI was raised nominally Methodist but no one in his family is all that religious. He claims atheism, but having discussed religion and spirituality with him, I'd say he's really more of a very skeptical agnostic. I have beef with the dogma of most organized religion but I believe in God, though not in a Christian sense. I parse God more like the Force from Star Wars: the energy in the universe that gives us life and binds us together. So I guess you can say my religion is Jedi? LOL. When it comes to the future kids, my mom would like them to at least be baptized and exposed to a religious community while growing up, and I agree with that to a certain extent. FI is not opposed but has let me know that his involvement in any religious education the kids have will be minimal. Fine by me. I figure we'll raise them Unitarian and probably baptize them Methodist, since Catholic baptism comes with too many strings attached.
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  • I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school K-12.  We went to church a lot when I was younger but the older I got the less we went and by the time high school rolled around we only went on holidays and whenever my grandmother was in town.

    FI was baptized, made his first communion and confirmation all at once when he was like 12 years old because he wanted to play basketball in a church league.  His mother was raised Catholic and didn't want to pressure her kids with religion and left it to them to choose hoping they would choose Catholicisim.  

    We are not getting married in a Church much to the chagrin of my mother and grandmother.  I'm pretty sure if I had wanted to get married in a church FI would have had a really hard time with the pre cana.  I'm pretty sure he would have had us kicked out.
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  • We are both religious but not great about going to church every week.  We currently attend a non-denominational church.  Yesterday after leaving church we were both bummed because the lead pastor is leaving and we both don't really like the pastors filling in.  We decided that we are going to wait until after the wedding to look for another church, especially since we have arrangements for a pastor from our current church to marry us! 

  • FI and I were both raised Baptist. We go to Church occasionally but not as often as we should. I always have intentions and I can't drag myself out of bed in time. When we do go..sometimes its my Church and sometimes his. We are getting married in mine because of several reasons..my parents and most of my family has been married there and my Church is larger than his.

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    FI and I were both raised Catholic.  I went to Catholic school 4-12 and was very involved in the church I grew up in.  I only attended mass in college a couple of times (outside of Christmas and Easter at home) because I did not like the feel of the church.  For a college church, (associated with the Catholic group on campus), it was not geared towards younger people at all.  FI and I are getting married in the church I grew up in because FI was apathetic to where and I had strong ties to this church and having it there will allow my grandparents to attend.  We're marrying in the Church partially because his mother would have a fit if we didn't, but mainly because I would like religion to be a part of my life in the future, especially when we have kids (have to be married in the Church to baptize the kids).  Going through the pre-cana process has made me realize that I miss having the spiritual experience of going to church, but we will need to select a church carefully - ie one that's not reading letters from the bishop telling us how to vote.  

  • FI and I are not religious.  I guess the word that would be describe us is agnostic...we believe in god, but are skeptical of most organized religion.

    FI and I were both raised Catholic.  I went to Catholic school K-8.  We are both disgusted with the Catholic church and see a lot of hypocrisy in organized religion.  We have not been to church since college.

    We are not having a religious ceremony.  A family friend was "ordained" online and will be officiating our ceremony.  

    As far as our future children...we don't plan on raising them in any defined religious denomination.  My grandmother wants me to baptize our children in the catholic church, but I will not be a hypocrite so I don't think that will be happening.  We will teach our children to be good people and instill in them the values that we think are important.
  • We were both raised Catholic, but we are currently not religious at all. FI is an open minded agnostic, while I lean towards spirtual ideals such as meditation and karma. My daughter likes to go to church (Catholic) with my mom and while I am not a huge fan of it, I would never tell her not to go. I have chosen my beliefs and believe she should have that freedom also.
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  • FI grew up Catholic and I grew up Baptist. Both our families attended every Sunday. When we got into college neither one of us attended regularly. We're getting married at a Methodist church (My dad's side is Methodist and my parents were married in a Methodist church). We've been trying to attend more regulary, like once a month, but that hasn't been happening as much lately. I'd like to get back to it this month since we start meeting with the pastor in August.
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  • I was raised Methodist and was very involved in church. FI was raised Catholic because his father was Catholic and then he became a Mtehodist because his mother was. FI was also extremely involved in church as a child. FI and I are both very religious now. We don't attend church because of our work schedules (both work night shift), but would love to once we get shifts we both can work around. It was important for both FI and I to find someone religious. I couldn't marry someone who didn't believe in God, as relgion is a big part of my life.
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  • I was raised Lutheran and FI was raised Catholic and went to Catholic School. He still identifies himself as Catholic but doesn't go. I'd like to go to Church more often but haven't found a church nearby that I like. I go back to my home church (where we're getting married) whenever I'm in town on a Sunday. I'd like to expose our future kids to both denominations and let them choose.
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  • I am Catholic and FI is Jewish.  I got to church about 10 times per year (though I work every other weekend and really cannot make it due to my work schedule).  FI goes to temple on high holy days so I guess 2-3 times a year.  

    We are having a Catholic deacon officiate our ceremony, but at our reception location so not inside of the Catholic church.  We still had to go through Catholic pre-marital counseling.  We plan to raise our children Catholic because we don't believe children are capable of "picking" a religion and when given the choice they will choose no religion at all, which is not an option for us.  We will raise our children with an understanding of Judaism and respect, but they will not go through formal Jewish religious school where as they will for Catholicism. 

    We believe we are of the same moral background and believe in the same God.  I stand by my FI's side during his temple services that he chooses to attend, and FI stands by my side during any Sunday mass I choose to attend.  
  • I'm not religious at all.  Nic's post is pretty spot on with my feelings on religion.  FI claims to be religious but never goes to church or anything.  Religion has never been even a small part of our relationship.  Once we announced our engagement and he had a private lunch with his mom all of the sudden he had a lot to say about.  I really think it was more her words through his mouth personally, but whatever. 
    Our ceremony is being done by our friend that is ordained.  We are having a couple of readings at it but that's it.  And if we have kids we'll have them baptized but won't make them do anything else.  They can choose their own beliefs later in life.
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  • Fi and I are both Catholic and went to Catholic schools. We still attend church, though i go more frequently that he does. My daughter has also been batpised and had her first communion and attends a Catholic school. Both FI and I feel that its good to at least expose her to our faith. If she gets older and decides it's not really a faith for her, we're completely fine with that. But the education system is fantastic.
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  • I was raised very Catholic, but after attending a non-Catholic service with a friend in my 20's,  I realized how much more I prefer the non-Catholic churches.  FI was raised Lutheran and feels the same way.  We attend a service every week and are active members in our church. The denomination of our church is Brethren in Christ.  We actually thought it was a non-denominational Christian church when we first started attending and realized different months later. I guess it doesnt matter as we are very happy there.  I am excited to be married in the church. We have deep faith and love for God.
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