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Pictures for Dec Wedding??

Hi guys,

I'm getting married on Dec 4th, 2010 and I need help figuring out where to take pictures!! We're planning on taking pictures beforehand and I am just at a loss as to where to go... maybe the inside of a hotel even?? any ideas?

We are getting married in Fairfield, OH, so going downtown for pictures is really not something we want to do... ::sigh:: HELP! lol

thanks much!!

Re: Pictures for Dec Wedding??

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    Fountain Square looks gorgeous in winter.  How about Pyramid Hill? 
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    yeah, I think Fountain Square would be beautiful, but we really need to stay close to Fairfield and indoors if possible... (sad face) Thanks though!! ;)
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    Are you getting married at Tori's Station/Fairfield Banquet and Convention Center?  My fiance lives in Fairfield and is a wedding and engagement photographer, so I will ask his advice for you!

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    I personally think that Fountain Square is a bad idea.  It's hard to get pictures there without a bunch of random people in the background (I know a photographer who advises against that location).  Unless, of course, you ask to reserve the ice skating square.  I've seen couples do that and it's so cute!
    How about Spring Grove Cemetary?  I've heard that it's beautiful during all seasons.

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    @Baboox- Yes we are! Any suggestions your fiance has would be much appreciated!! Thanks in advance! You're awesome! ;)

    @marywillmarry- I was thinking the same thing about Fountain Square... it would suck to drive everyone down there and then have crappy pics with random people in them! LOL Thanks for the Spring Grove Idea- I hadn't thought of that.

    I just really wish I knew of a hotel that was close by that had a beautiful lobby or something- that would make things easier. I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure out a place... I know I have time, but I like to get things DONE. lol
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    My fiance works at Tori's (sales manager) and photographs many of the weddings there!   Is he doing yours?  I will ask him today what is closeby and let you know.
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    What about pictures at the Butler County courthouse outside? There is a gazebo on the lawn there too. It is absolutely lovely inside, but I dont think you can get in there on a Saturday.
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    Tori's has a gazebo; since you're getting married there, why not use their structure?  Free publicity for them. 
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    I'm trying to think of places too for my Feb wedding around West Chester & Fairfield.  The place that I have come up with is The Marriott on Union Centre.  I haven't been inside of Jungle Jim's in a while so I wonder what it looks like inside there besides groceries and animals obviously??!!   Smile

    If I come up with anything else then I'll let you know! 
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    Ok- thanks for the ideas!!
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    Jungle Jim's would be hilarious!  But you would need some special permission to do it indoors, as they prohibit photography inside.
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