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Thursday WW Accountability

im on a salad with real dressing kick lately. i know its bad but its so tasty :P

B: chex(3), coffee (1)
S: banana (2)
L: salad with chicken (4), and evil delicious honey mustard dressing (approx 4)
S: nut bar (3)
D: ribs (6), salad w/ dressing (2)

Target: 26

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I am a gluten-free, gun-toting wife! :P

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Re: Thursday WW Accountability

  • Morning!  So nice to sleep in today.

    B: egg burrito: whole wheat tortilla (1), 2 eggs (4), tiny bit of cheese (1), salsa (0)
    L: leftover sub from Milios (9)
    S: ww yogurt (1)
    D: lean pocket (6); pear (2)

    E: 30 DS Level 1

    Total: 24
    Target: 25
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  • Morning!  Have friends over for dinner so this morning my workout was cleaning the house.  I think i actually got a little bit of a workout!

    B: High fiber oatmeal (3)
    L: whatever is served at the Women in Science Luncheon
    D: Ribs (6) with coleslaw (1) and steak fries (3) and ketchup (1)

    Total: 14
    Target: 21

    E: many and varied cleaning and cooking tasks
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  • Hmm...maybe I should try cleaning my house tonight as a work-out :)

    B:  Toast and Cheerios (2)
    L: Smart One (4) and Pudding Snack (1)
    S: Mini Muffins (1) and Apple (1)
    D: Probably a Tuna fish sandwich (6)

    E:  Pilates DVD (15 mins)

    Total: 15
    Target: 20
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