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Maybe I am wrong but I could be right

 Since l have started talking to people who have gotten married and seen stories I have realized that some brides and grooms are selfish. Yes your wedding day is your special day to you and your husband and your close family but the world doesn't stop when you get married. I get so mad when I hear them complain because someone didn't do this and someone didn't do that or they wanted this and got that (I mean gifts). I feel very blessed when people tell me they are excited to attend my wedding. Gifts aren't something anyone should expect. They are something you should feel lucky to recieve. I see to many people say I didn't get this or I hate what I got and now I am stuck. How would your family and friends feel if you said that to them? Chances are it would hurt their feeling just like it would hurt yours. If there are specific things you want save and buy them so you can have them. Be thankful that someone thought of you because it takes money to get it, wrap it, and the gas it takes to get to your bridal shower. Even if it is a regift still be thankful. No maybe it isn't the best idea but it  is still nice to recieve something. To me weddings and bridal showers are all about what you can get and who you can be better than and it shouldn't be that way. Or you can look at it like this how would you feel if no one showed up at all?

Re: Maybe I am wrong but I could be right

  • You must have some cuhrazy selfish bridezillas around you.  Luckily I have been to only several weddings where the married couple seemed pretty humble and genuinely touched by their friends and families' generosity. 
  • Sorry just realized I had a typo it should say:  To me weddings and bridal showers aren't all about what you can get and who you can be 
  • I agree with you!  I am actually planning my second wedding... but one of the things I remember most from my first one was the feeling I had at my bridal shower and my wedding... to have so many of my favorite people around me all at once.  We actually had a relative bring his family of 4 from Australia!!  They made a vacation out of it and stayed for two weeks.  It cost them $30K!!!!!!!  Every time I think about that it gives me chills... you have to love someone an awful lot to spend that kind of money on them!
  • This was a second wedding for both my H and I (H-widowed, me-divorced).  We got some gifts/cash/gift cards.  I could have gotten nothing and still been excited that people took time out of their day to come and share that time with us. 

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