How to bring combine wedding ideas...

Hello ladies and gents (for the few on "the knot"), let me begin first saying congratutlations to all here on the knot. I am recently engaged April 2011 and am planning a May 2015 dream day. If I may, let me paint the picture for you all:

Date/Significance: May 9, 2015
My senior year of high school,  my fiance was suppose to surprise me by showing up to my prom (the 2nd saturday of May) as my date but he forgot!!! So us getting married May 9, 2015 (the 2nd saturday of May)he says is his way of apologizing/making up, for what he missed out on. [sweet]

colors: carnation pink, lemon, creamed pearl
theme: Southern comfort/Classical
ceremony: The Towers of Natchez
reception location: Natchez Eola Ballroom

The theme is Southern Class.
antebellum homes, lemonade, music and barbeque
But I can't see the country theme coming together with elegance at a reception with fancy thrills and such.

Any tips? Pointers? Ideas? I would GRACIOUSLY appreciate it. I don't want to have my Southern/Country theme clash with the Elegant/classy reception ambiance.

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