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happy hump day!

  A full day of IEP's so I don't really get to see the kids today-makes for a long day!  We do have a luncheon at work though, so that helps:-)
Hope everyone has a great day!
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Re: happy hump day!

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    Happy Wednesday! Only one more day of work for me :-)

    My day is about over, so just finishing up work for the day, and looking forward to heading home and relaxing for the night! :-)

    Dave & Jennifer 10.18.08
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    Happy Wednesday!

    Looking forward tonight, DF and I going to dinner and than we are going to hash through the necessary house buying steps.  Woo for him finally acting like he cares! haha

    Jennybee- JealousE of your short week!  This is the first week in all of January that I will work a full week, I guess I can't really complain!

    Heather-I got your message, I'll send you info soon!
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    Duq - Don't be too jealous. We start our work week on Sunday! So its good and bad!

    Dave & Jennifer 10.18.08
    My Doha Adventures
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    Morning, happy Wednesday!

    I got an excellent night of sleep last night and am feeling good this morning!
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    Happy Birthday, little man. We love you so much!

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    Morning!  Nothing really going on in my world.  Hoping the day goes quick though.
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    Hey all. :)   KR - Yay that you're feeling better!

    I'm feeling a bit like crud. Back still hurts. I seriously wonder if I pulled a muscle. And this is not the sacrum or the coccyx thing. A different back pain now. Frickin' awesome, huh? :P

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  • New_to_PGHNew_to_PGH member
    edited December 2011
    M - sorry to hear about more back troubles. Haven't you run out of funny-sounding muscles to injure?

    Thank GOD it's hump day - it's been a long, busy week for me. I'm actually cranking through a very long to-do list (when I usually surf the interwebs all day and get by with only putting in a couple hours of work)
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    GM! DH went and bought the cutest little gortex/thinsulate jacket for Grigio - I'll post photos later. I'm at crazy town now and the evil fairy is lurking, watching for any signs of non work activity.....jeepers.
    Class all afternoon for me, then to the Vets/Pet store with Grigio and DH is taking me out to dinner just because. Yay for hump day!
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  • LaFemmeRousseLaFemmeRousse member
    edited December 2011
    Good morning all!  Had a fun night out with my bestie last night.  Hope everyone has a happy Wednesday!

    M, sorry to hear your back is still being such a pain- literally!  BOO.

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    Well, Jenn, this one is my FLANK. Heehee.
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  • elishanbelishanb member
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    hey ladies. Boring day of ice and sitting in the couch for this girl.

    But I should have some time to hang out. :)
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