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how long for pictures? (sorry, long post!)

I know this has been discussed before, but I think it might be worth getting some new opinions and ideas.
How long do you all think would be a -minimum- amount of time to plan for pictures before the ceremony? I am planning on doing most pictures before the ceremony, but will do a few married pictures afterwards. I also don't want TONS of pictures, like the whole one of us with his parents, one with us with one set of siblings, one with that set of siblings and parents, one with the next set of siblings, one with the next siblings + parents, one with both sets of siblings, one with both sets plus parents, then add nieces and nephews and then repeat with the other side of the family (sorry, that was a little much!). I'm feeling the need to start sketching out a day-of-timeline, and I just can't quite figure out how much time we will need to plan for pictures.
I know of course that it will vary depending on all kinds of things, and our photographer gave us guidance but obviously left it up to us. For some reason I can see this as being the one thing that brings out my inner bridezilla. I have no patience for dilly-dallying around, so I can see myself doing the whole "You, here, NOW, or you're not in the picture" kind of thing.
Sorry for the way-too-long post! Any advice or guidance would be appreciated!!!
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Re: how long for pictures? (sorry, long post!)

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    Good question! I'd love to know the answer as well :)
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    My photographer recommended 45 min.

    I suppose that depends somewhat on the size of your bridal party/family, and how organized everyone is, but I would think 45 should be enough.

    And its totally acceptable to tell people "Pictures are at 3 pm, you are expected to be there!" Bring a cooler with bottles of water or treats to appease people whlle they linger around waiting for their turn :)

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    I would ask your photographer, they will have the best idea.  At least that's what I did anyways.  FI parents are divorced, so we will need to have some of the same family pics with his mom and step-dad, his mom and dad, and then just his dad.  Our photographer recommended that we do the formal pictures from 12-2:30 (this also includes time for our individual and couple pics around the church too), with the ceremony at 3pm.  And then between the ceremony/reception, will will do the fun wedding party pics and just us on the golf course.   HTH!
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  • kkaew816kkaew816 member
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    We're doing all pics from 1:30-3:45, ceremony at 4:30, that includes couple, bridal party, and famliy; I'm sure it will be more than enough time for us
  • drdifabiodrdifabio member
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    Here is what our photographer suggested:
    12pm - Getting Ready Photos
    12:30pm - Joe, Danielle, and Wedding Party Photos
    1:30pm - Family Photos2pm - "Hide"
    2:30pm - Ceremony / (Receiving Line?)
    Following (Apx. 4-5pm) - Fun photos with wedding party / Downtown White Bear
    4pm – 5:30pm CH (in the meantime for the guests)
    6pm - Cut cake / dinner
    7:30pm - Dance
    8pm - end

    We have her for 8 hours so it looks like she has about 1 1/2 hours before the ceremony and about 1 hour after.

  • IzzygrimIzzygrim member
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    Thanks for all of the input, I really appreciate it! Sounds like I should allow at least 45 minutes, which will work great for us. Thanks again!!

    Danielle - You're doing pics in downtown White Bear? Our reception is at the White Bear Country Inn and I think that's where we will be getting ready also, so I was hoping to find places around there do to some pics before or after the ceremony. I have heard good things about what a cute downtown area they have, but neither me or FI are very familiar with WBL, so we don't really know how to figure out where to do pics. Any recommendations for good spots for pictures?? Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!!
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    I second whoever said to have water bottles on hand. I actually think you should have snacks, pop, water, etc. I was in a wedding this past fall and just about passed out due to lack of nourishment! No one really considered the fact that the BMs weren't being fed between getting ready and taking pictures and dinner. 

    Just a thought :)
  • jtothelee216jtothelee216 member
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    The timeline I received from my photographer looks pretty similar to Danielle's.

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