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Ice Cream for reception?

I am looking for something different to do instead of cake my fiance and i are not huge cake fans. We will probably have a mini one just for goofy tradition but otherwise I want something else. I was thinking about an ice cream machine but was wondering where I could rent one in Cincinnati? If not I was thinking just like ice cream bars perhaps? Any ideas

Re: Ice Cream for reception?

  • I know in DFW, there's a gelatto place that you can pick three or four flavors and they will come serve at your wedding. Maybe ask the girls on the Cincinnati board if any of them have ever done this?
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    I have been to many weddings that had an ice cream bar.  Typically the venue supplied two to three different flavors of ice cream and then the guests added the toppings.  The ice cream was kept in tubs on ice to prevent melting.

  • We did an ice cream bar at the end of the night, it was offered by our reception hall. They had 2-3 big tubs of vanilla, chocolate & pisctachio. They had several topings & syrups too. It was served by an attendant, so it didn't get messy. People really loved it. We did do cupcakes earlier in the night.
  • If you dont want cake then dont do cake. Dont have a mini one just for traditional sake if its not going to be enough for all your guests. If you do want to cut a cake but keep it small then I would do cupcakes as well because when they see you cut the cake then they are going to want to have cake. 

    But like cwaggoner said ask your local board. they will be able to help you out better.
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