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Ceremony and Vow Ideas

aisle decor

We are getting married outside in a park and I want to have some sort of decoration on the inside chairs to bring our colors into the wedding a bit more.  I liked the idea of the tissue paper pomanders like these:

but the styrofoam balls cost so much to have to make 30 or so of them.

Does anyone have any other ideas of something I could do? Our flowers are peonies so thats why I liked the pomanders they were fuller looking like our real flowers but wouldn't cost as much.  Just looking for anything else now! Thanks

Re: aisle decor

  • You could alternate every other chair with having an aisle decoration (in a zig-zag pattern, alternating left and right side of the aisle). That way, you only have to make 15, instead of 30. Also, keep an eye out for coupons at Mchael's. I got my styrofoam balls for my pomanders (needed 10) for a total of $25 since I had a coupon. (At $4.99 regularly, this was a HUGE savings).

    Also, consider the fact that the tissue tends to almost double the size of the pomander, so even if you go with the smaller ones (4" vice 6") you'll still get the same effect.
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  • We did pew bows on every other chair to offset the number we would need (PIB). But like catwoman said, there is a ways to make those without the foam balls, but I can't remember where I've seen directions! It involves accordion folding the tissue to make a stack of what looks like unfolded fans, and then looping wire in the middle, and spreading them out. I'm sorry I can't provide easier directions, but maybe that will get you started.
  • My hobby lobby has 6 -3 inch balls in a pack for $4.99, a 3 inch ball makes a HUGE pomander.  The rose pomanders in my bio are made with 3 inch balls.
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