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where can I get qipao in Boston?

Hey! I am looking to get a qi pao. Where can I find one that is reasonably priced and reliable? Thanks!

Re: where can I get qipao in Boston?

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    Hi there!

    I am in search of one myself for my wedding but unfortunately there aren't many choices in Boston.  I can name Kim's Design in Copley Mall (next to Au Bon Pain 1st level)although my gf had a bad experience with Kim but maybe you'll have better luck and Grand Asia in Quincy.  Other than that, your best bet is heading to NY (like I am) as there are so many choices there.

    Good Luck!!! =)
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    I got mine custom made from Van's Fabric on Beach Street in Chinatown (across the street from Pho Hoa). It cost me around $200 for fabric, lining, and labor. I had a good experience with them although I've heard others before say they didn't. Check them out and see if you like them.
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    I had a so-so experience at Van's.  I thought that Boston would offer a lot more options, but I found out the hard way that Van's was the only place to get a reasonably priced qipao.  I paid around $225.  I found the service to be schlocky.  They told me the dress would be ready in 2 weeks.  I went back after 2 weeks and they didn't know who I was.  My name and info wasn't logged into their note pad of customers.  I almost lost it.  Finally, they tracked down my fabric (everything is made off-site), and I got my dress a few days after the promised delivery date.

    Also keep in mind that they will only offer 1 fitting.  If you're like a normal bride, you will lose at least 5-10 lbs before the wedding.  The 1 fitting rule doesn't account for the weight change. 
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    I am not sure how far it is to go to NY but the chinatown area of New York sounds like the best place to go. It also just might be a fun experience to go down there with your girls or mom!
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    I personally haven't been to Grand Asia but have corresponded with them on separate occasions for myself and for my mom, and I found their service to be outstanding.  They provide rentals and custom made (they have them made in Vietnam, though.) and the prices are reasonble compared to the other places in Boston.  I ended up buying my qipaos a place in Philadelphia (the store was going out of business and I got a great deal), but if I had to buy one in Boston, I think I would have gone with Grand Asia. 
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