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So Friday the 13th was a very bad day for me. I lost my job, and it was just a mess. I was stressed, and started to furiously look for a job. Well, my boyfriend, now FI, decided to come and stay over at my place after he got out of work. ((He works second shift, and I live at home with my parents while I'm finishing up my bachelor's degree. Very strict military household, so nothing out of the norm.)) Everything was fine and dandy. We stayed up with my parents until about 2 in the morning playing Euchre. We're from Michigan, and we love to play euchre. Usually though, about 90% of the time, I end up calling diamonds as the trump suit. This then leads to comments about "oh, she's fishing for a diamond" or "she's calling something she doesn't have". We all would get a really good chuckle out of it, since we all knew a proposal was coming since he had already asked my father's blessing to marry me.

Well, I went to bed and got up the next morning. Took a shower and got dressed. It was a pretty plain morning. I woke him up, and he said he was feeling hungry. My dad was also hungry, and they said something about pancakes. So I made chocolate chip pancakes (both our favorites) from scratch. It seemed like it was going to be a good day just because of the pancakes (haha). Well, then we started up another game of euchre again, and the diamonds were coming out. So then Adam, (the BF now FI) who had a sinus cold, asked if I could get him some coughdrops. I left the room to get some coughdrops for the guy, and while I was gone he planned out with my dad to set me up with a loner hand in diamonds. I came back downstairs and grabbed my hand, and didn't think anything of it really. So when it got to me, I called the loner hand in diamonds, and when I said it, he pushed his chair away from the table, got down on one knee, and pulled the ring out of his pocket. He was so nervous he couldn't even think of my middle name, let alone barely stammer out my first, but he looked me in the eye, and said "Stephanie (my name), will you marry me?" I looked at my mom and dad who were both way overjoyed, and I looked back at him and said YES! I will! I actually started to give him the wrong hand to put the ring on. It was highly humourous. I kissed him, and then it took us about 30 minutes to get back ot the euchre game, which I ended up losing because I couldn't focus on the cards anymore.

Now the new joke is I can't call diamonds anymore since I fished mine out. :P
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