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Hey girls, I'm torn on one thing for the invite.  Do we include our date we're getting married or not?  I've heard it both ways, but my family is insisting that I include the date because people would want to know and may get presents with our date on it.  I know that they could just tell people, but the AHR invites I've received before, did have the date on them.  Confused!

What are you all doing?

This is what I have right now:

Ho’okahi Makamaka O Ko Aloha

Our love begins the union of our life together






will exchange vows barefoot in the sand

in an intimate ceremony on Makena Beach, Maui on

the eighteenth of June two thousand and eleven.

It is with great joy that Daddy and Mommy

invite you to attend the reception celebrating the newlyweds

Saturday, the second of July two thousand and eleven

six o'clock in the evening.


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    I say not to include on the actual invite because it could confuse ppl.  Maybe you could include a little extra card with the wedding date and your names or something along those lines.
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    <devious Tanq>Unless you really want to be surprised with personalized stuff you cannot return (aka get rid of), why make it easier for guests to do so?</devious Tanq>

    In all seriousness, your AHR invite is going out before the actual wedding.  You may confuse people with which date/event you are inviting them to.  If you really want to keep your date, maybe you can be less specific on your Hawaii location...eg, "in Hawaii" so that you don't have someone inadvertently show up.  Your wording is clear, but my mom would totally misread it and show up, LOL.

    Also, what does the RSVP card look like?  Depending on your RSVP date, I would worry that you could further confuse with an RSVP date before 6/18

    ETA - we put the fact that we got married in Hawaii on the website.  Our AHR invites will most likely say:

    Together with
    Bride's parents
    Groom's parents


    request the pleasure of your company
    at a reception celebrating their marriage

    Date & time
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    I actually think your wording is pretty clear. However, I know plenty of people that wouldn't be able to figure out what you are talking about.

    kimmys idea is pretty good but if you go your way be prepared for questions. If you have a website, you may want to include a card with the invite letting AHR guests know it's there for info and make it clear on your website that the invite is for the AHR.

    Or leave the date off and add a card to your website that includes your actual wedding date.
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    I haven't even started on the response card!  AHHH :)

    Okay, so what should I put instead? 

    will exchange vows barefoot in the sand

    in an intimate ceremony on Makena Beach, Maui in

    June two thousand and eleven.

    I have two websites and the AHR is clearly just about the reception.

    I'm getting stressed over this stuff and I'm about to just buy whatever online.
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    Don't stress yourself out too much!  Most people will get it, and you will be fine.  Anyone that is confused will just call you.  It sounds like your "group/crowd" is used to DWs and AHRs, so you have less to worry about.  I think my family is still very new to them (eg, my mom showed up at multiple AHRs wondering where the vows were) so I have a certain bias.

    I think taking out the specific date is a pretty good compromise without losing the spirit of what you were trying to communicate.  PLUS the separate websites helps, too :)
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