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'Venue Help': Update

I just wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions on picking out a venue. After checking out McFaddens Pearl Room, San Chez, Mosaic Space and St Cecelia's....we decided on St. Cecelia's =)  

St. Cecelia's goes against what I thought I originally wanted (modern, loft feel) but once we got inside, we both really loved it! We are going to get married in the theatre and then have our reception upstairs in the ballroom.

Amoro-- when you got married at St. Cecelia's, did you use the theatre room? If so, how did it work for you? Did you walk down one of the aisle's?   LOL Now that I just asked that I realize how silly it sounds, but I can't quite vision walking down the aisle onto the stage.


Re: 'Venue Help': Update

  • AmoroAgainAmoroAgain member
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    edited December 2011
    We used the President's Room to get married in.  We only had about 50 guests, so the theatre would have been a bit much for us. :) 

    I think walking down the aisle would be fine, or maybe you can come in from the side door and go up the stairs? (though I think that might be a bit weird, tbh). 
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    we used the presidents room as well... we actually had almost 100 people in there .. it was just the perfect size.  we took a lot of pictures in the theatre
  • RizzO18RizzO18 member
    edited December 2011
    Hi Tricky,
    We are actually doing our ceremony in the theatre because we have over 100 people. I love the look of the theatre, but I'm just kind of wondering how the 'walk down the aisle' will work out, but I see Carla Thursday to drop off our deposit so hopefully she can let me know what other people have done.

    It looks like you had your reception there as well. How did that go? What caterer did you use? How was martha's for the bar? Did you have the head table on the platform or the dj or neither?

    LOL Sorry so many questions!  I just got excited when I saw you had your reception there too!

    Thanks in advance
  • kferguson677kferguson677 member
    edited December 2011
    Hi, may I ask why you did not like McPhaddens?  I am inbetween teh same 2 places and 1 other that you are, so any other view would be great.  thanks.
  • RizzO18RizzO18 member
    edited December 2011
    Hi kferguson,
    I really liked McFaddens. I've been to a wedding there before (several years ago) and thought it was really nice. I LOVE the look of the place. I just didn't like how small the dance floor was.  We will also have a lot of kids at our wedding so I didn't think a bar would be appropriate for that.

    I do like the space though. What other venues are you looking at?

    On a side note, St. Cecilia's might be out. We didn't realize when we booked it but it happens to be on Easter weekend and I have to change the date. I'm not sure if we are going with St. Cecilia's anymore. ::::sigh:::   I have to talk to them, but I'm pretty sure she said September was all they had available. 

    I didn't really want a summer wedding, but I'm thinking thats going to have to change....unless we wait until September.

    Wedding planning is stressful! LOL
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    we actually had our dj on the platform and the head table by the windows..... We used branns catering which was awesome and marthas vineyard was great to work with... i was scared on how much the bar would cost and they helped me make sure it was well within our price range.....carla is great and very easy to work with......
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