Rehearsal Dinner?

We are trying to keep the rehearsal dinner as small as possible. Ideally we would like the wedding party, our grandparents, and parents only. The problem is that my aunt and FI's aunt are helping us decorate and I would feel bad not inviting them because they are going to a TON of trouble. Can I invite them without inviting the rest of the aunts and uncles? All the rest of the aunts and uncles are from out of town (and by that I mean 2 hours is the furthest anyone will drive) and won't be getting there until the next day for the wedding.

Re: Rehearsal Dinner?

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    Yes, you can invite the aunts and uncles who are helping and not the others.  Really, the others are not going to want to drive back and forth or pay for a hotel to stay the night in exchange for a free dinner.
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  • I would, and if anyone asks, say, "they offered to provide the decorations so we wanted to invite them as a thank you. We would like to invite your family as well, but due to space limitations, we will be unable to."

  • Yes it's definitely OK to invite people who are helping you decorate your hall to the reherasal dinner and not other family members.  I would think it would be rude not to invite them since they spent all the time helping you.

    If anyone asks just give them that reason.  They shouldn't have a problem with that!
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