A Brief MIL Recap

Since I promised on Wed that I'd share stories

1. Remember MIL's "dog"? I shared previously about it's (fairly normal) reaction to vaccines, and MIL had flipped out, stopped giving it water (???), and it then had a kidney infection. Well, now it has some *fungus* on it's body, and all it's white fur has fallen out. All you can see is mottled brown skin. Ewwwww. And that poor "dog" just doesn't stand a chance.
2. MIL got drunk waaaay too fast and said a bunch of nonsensical things and laughed so hard she snorted. Her brother came in the kitchen and said "That wine sure sounds good"
3. MIL made her usual snide comments about how she can't believe we won't come over for xmas eve when we're going to MY family's for Christmas, and why can't we go over to her house on the 24th, stay 'til midnight, and then drive down to DC. Seriously, I'm ready to strangle her. I *did* offer to treat her like my family though - if we only see her once per year, SHE can choose what holiday it's over. I thought that was more than fair, but she didn't think so, and b!tched about how rude I was.
4. She b!tched and whined when we had to leave about why we never stay late. Ummm...because we live an hour away and have to work in the morning! And we don't enjoy hanging out with your drunk arse!

Ugh, she's so selfish I'd really like to just never see her again.

Re: A Brief MIL Recap

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    All I have to say is, that poor poor puppy!  It sounds pathetic!  Sorry you MIL acts like that, but at least you don't have to see her over Christmas!

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    That poor 'dog'!

    I think that would be completey fair!
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    No words.

    Well, two... HOT MESS!!
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    Wow. Poor pup, and poor you. Your proposition sounds fair to me- maybe if she wants to see you guys more she should stop being so selfish and drunk all of the time!
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    Please write a book.  I would SO buy it. 

    I can't believe that's what you have to put up with.  You make me very thankful for my MIL!  And that poor dog.  Someone should call the humane society on her.

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