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Getting antsy

There are days when I dont do anything wedding related and then there's today....when I just want to prance around in my beautiful dress and do the happy dance! I even asked by MOH to get dressed in her dress with me lol.

Someone please fast forward time!
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Re: Getting antsy

  • I didn't get a chance to put my dress on when I was at my mom's for Thanksgiving. FH is getting kicked out at Christmas so I can play dress up. And I'm making my mom and my sister put their dresses on then. :) 

  • Thats so cute! Would make for awesome generational pics too. Make sure not to spill anything on it...or at least wear a parka over it haha
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  • Ya, some days I just want the wedding to be tomorrow. Other days, I'm freaked out that it's just over 7 months away! I picked up my dress this past week though I didn't put it on. Just looking at it made me giddy. 
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    Life is good today.
  • im going dress shopping tomorrow :)

  • In Response to Re:Getting antsy:[QUOTE]im going dress shopping tomorrow : Posted by southerncutie[/QUOTE]

    Didnt you change your date? Not to be rude but you have soooo much time.
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  • yes i did but im moving in feb so my MOH and i are going im not buying
  • I want to have LOTS of time, lol. I have so much to do that I dont even know where to start. Everytime i think I have it figured out, something comes along and kills me!!!

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