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March 2010 Weddings

Flowergirl & Ringbearer gifts

What are you ladies getting the little kids in the wedding party as a thank you gift?  We have 2 little girls ages 3 and 5 and a little boy who is 8.  Should we go for toys to keep them busy the day of or is there something else people typically give to kids? 

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Re: Flowergirl & Ringbearer gifts

  • I got them way too much stuff...I love shopping for little kids (maybe because their stuff is so cute!)

    You know the $1 section at Target?  I just picked up several items from there...like some coloring books, lipsmakers for the girls, random toys here and there for a little gift bag for them 

    the wedding specific items are:
    hats that go with the boys' suits and sunglasses
    the girls got hair flowers, headbands, bracelets and earrings

    all of them got t-shirts with their roles on them.  I have 2 boys and 2 girls

    I went a bit overboard, but maybe you can find an idea somewhere in there.

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  • I am getting our flower girl (4) a toy and maybe some plastic jewellery since she loves dressing up.
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  • I bought her dress and shoes, and she's 11 months old so she won't remember whether I gave her something or not :)
  • i got my flower girl a pearl bracelet with a heart and has her name and the date of our wedding engraved and I'm probably going to get her a purse with flower girl on it because she loves purses!

    and our ring bearers im really not sure what to get them, they are 3 and 7!
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  • I made a goodie basket of stuff for the church for everyone from the dollar store.

    A few toys for the kids (playdoh, coloring books, army men), some soduko and crosswords, cards, poker chips and a mini football.

    I know there will be some downtime for everyone.

    For gifts, I got the little girl a tote bag with her name on so she will match the big girls, a pearl necklace set (fake pearls..but she will love it) and a Barbie.

    The boys got a toy for their age (3 and 7) and a little football that says "#1 Ringbearer"

  • 3 Flower Girls (ages 5, 7, and 9): cute little coin purses from Target (a strawberry, a butterfly, and a pink circle with a blue star) with a "pearl" bracelet and 2 Lip Smackers inside (I *might* have kept 2 LS's for myself since you can't divide 8 by 3 ;) ), plus a cute notebook and gel pen for each. I had so much fun shopping for my cousins--and let me just say it was way less stressful than finding gifts for my 4 bridesmaids (whom I'm ashamed to say I'm still shopping for, two weeks out...).
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