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June 2010 Weddings

I'm married! PIP!

Yesterday was amazing. I was prepared for major things to go wrong but really everything went perfect except for a few minor unimportant snafus (like one basket out of two of flip flops not making it to guests, which really isn't a big deal as those weren't even our favors, just an extra something) (and also forgetting to take a bunch of pictures I wanted to take, oh well. I still got plenty of others.).

It was supposed to thunderstorm strongly right around the time of the wedding and I was stressed about it in the morning because I REALLY wanted an outdoor wedding in the waterfall garden. As the day went on the chance of precipitation dwindled from 91% to 10%! It didn't rain at all and it was perfectly sunny and beautiful. During the photos before the wedding it was pretty freaking hot but it cooled down to pleasant during the ceremony.

My corset took a lot longer than I'd scheduled for which led to us being late by a 1/2 an hour which is what led to the missing photo ops. In retrospect, I wish my bridesmaids had come to my fittings but it was impossible because they were all out of state.

I got a ton of compliments on the ceremony, which was really funny. I wrote the funny parts since I'm a writer so i'm excited about that. I was soooo nervous I'd be a blubbering idiot. My dad made me cry right before we walked down the aisle becaue he started crying. My mom was pretty much a mess walking down the aisle with us, but once i got outside, i was cool and calm. I had motivation. a) I knew I was being filmed! haha and b) I didn't want to ruin my make-up. I tried to be loud during what I had to say in the ceremony and I got compliments on my enthusiasm.

I also cried during the first look moment when I went out and saw my (EEEE I get to say it!) husband for the first time before the ceremony. I think that might be my fave part.

I was really shocked that everyone ate the candies we provided during the ceremony so the guests could taste the 'sweetness of the moment.' This was my officiant's idea and our guests lOVED it.

We had also set up a poem in advance that my MIL wrote (she's a published poet). We have lines to 14 people in the audience who we were honoring with the reading. They stood up in random locations to read their lines and it came out great. The poem was printed in the program in case people couldn't hear.

The flower girls tried to go the wrong way down the aisle but the guests redirected them. I heard it was super cute. One of the girls would take one petal out at a time and place it on the ground with such care.

After the ceremony we went back and scared down the hor'devours they brought the bridal party. I highly recommend doing this. We did it while they were doing my bustle and that was pretty much the only time i got to eat during the night, which I had been warned about from previous brides. So eat at this point if you can! i didn't get to see my dinner because I was doing table rounds. I got to everyone but it took all 3 courses.

My dress was amazing! I loooooved it so much. My cheeks are sore from smiling so much. Everyone said I was the happiest, most smiling bride, but i am always smiling. THe band was the best ever. Tons of guests took their card. They placed lots of modern songs and got onto the dance floor to sing. I was so impressed with the guests because pretty mcuh everyone was dancing the entire night. It was packed up there!

I had the best night ever. It was surreal. I loved every minute of it even if it did go by in what felt like only a minute!

I'm going to do another post with tips before I forget them. Now I have to pack for Hawaii because we leave in the morning. Here are a few pics:

me and my parents down the aisle

Placing the ring on my finger

My MOH/sister walkign down the aisle

The candies during the ceremony.

We're married!

First dance

One of the centerpieces

Close up of the signs I spent all week making for the tables. We coordinated with the band so each table was assigned a song and instructed to go dance when their song was played (in addition to regular table numbers). It worked great!

Our escort card tree. Someone was standing there cutting them down for guests.

My dad's speech

The cake

The cookie favors we gave out. (Held up by one of the ushers)

I'm sure I'll have more photos as guests post on FB. Somehow I lost my camera during the night.

Shana & Josh


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