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    [QUOTE]Hi Ladies, Looking for some advice regarding my maid of honor. My MOH is my fiance's sister and we are also good friends. About 2 months ago my MOH and fiance got in a huge fight and haven't talked since. I decided to stay out of the situation at the time it happened because I really didn't want to be in the middle of that and I had nothing to do with the fight. Now about a month ago we found out that my MOH had been lying alot about what actually happened and basically bashing my fiance. So at that point I had some words with her about how she shouldn't be doing that which of course lead to an argument between me and her and now we haven't spoken since then. At this point my fiance has said hes not caving in and speaking to her and he doesnt even want her at the wedding (its awhile away- August 2012) but I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to have someone there that he doesnt want but she's still family and if I kicked her out of the wedding I know we'd really never be friends again. I was hoping it might just blow over especially with the holidays but it doesn't look like it and both MOH and fiance are generally stubborn with things like this... Any advice??
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    Don't kick her out of the wedding.

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    Tell them you love them both.  Tell them that you cannot imagine your day without being surrounded by the people you love.  I've always found it to be more effective if they are in the same place at the same time...and getting a little teary doesn't hurt.  SOmetimes people have to see the whole picture together instead of just their own little piece of it.

    Then wait 6 months and see what happens.  You have plenty of time.
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    Why did you delete this? It doesn't do any good when you have been quoted?

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