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Wedding Party Gifts, Who?

Who did you buy gifts for beyond the bridesmaids and groomsman?  I was not planning on our mother's as both have indicated they do not want us to buy them anything. Should the two people doing a reading get a gift?  My brother is walking me down the aisle with my mother, should he get a gift? 

Re: Wedding Party Gifts, Who?

  • We got our parents gifts and I got our reader a small gift as well. It's up to you- I don't think other gifts are strictly necessary, but a nice gesture if you can swing it.
  • We are getting gifts for the ushers, WP and parents. Beyond that, unless someone did something above and beyond to help you out, I wouldn't think it's necessary.
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  • We bought gifts for anyone that helped with anything.  We had family members help decorate, so we bought them some Godiva chocolates. 
  • We are doing gifts for bridal party and my one friend reading and any friends who offer up to clean up when we leave etc we will gift after the HM probably with something from our trip. Our moms we found cute albums at target online for 11.99 that say My Sons Wedding or My Daughters wedding we are doing those for our moms right after the wedding BUT doing huge albums for them later as well
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