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Bridal shower question.. kinda long

This is my first post, but I was looking for some advice. I went to a bridal expo with my sister who is my MOH, and she came across a pampered chef booth, and her and the consultant got to talking about how papmered chef does bridal showers all the time. long story short, my sister chose that as the theme. the other bridesmaids and my other sister love the idea ( so they said :)..haha ) enter FMIL: she HATES the idea, even told my sister its a shower for people who are too lazy to go shopping. i should mention she doesn't really like me or my sister. so my question is: is this shower idea a bad idea???

Re: Bridal shower question.. kinda long

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    These are a big point of contention on the boards...most people will say it is a bad idea.

    I don't think it is a big have to buy a gift to bring to the shower regardless.  It also allows some entertainment without the annoying bridal shower games.  Every family circle is a little different.  I know people who have gone to these showers and loved them.

    Make your own decision without being swayed by the boards or your FMIL.
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    Personally I'm anti Pampered Chef and the showers.  I wouldn't attend one.
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    I am against any party that involves a sales pitch.
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    I don't like parties that make me feel bad if I don't buy something.  I tend to not attend them.  But if thats what your sister and friends want to plan for you, that's their choice!
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    A bridal shower should NOT be a home sales party.  Particularly one for overpriced merchandise.  Please just say no to this.  Your FMIL is 100% right on this one.
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    I think it's a bad idea because of several reasons.  The consultant is just trying to make money, period.  It forces your guests to buy you an expensive Pampered Chef item when maybe they would have preferred to buy something else for you.  It usually makes your guests feel obligated to not only buy you something, but to also buy themselves something.  Finally, many people will decline invites to a Pampered Chef party or any at-home sales type party but they won't feel right to decline your shower so you're sort of forcing them to attend something they wouldn't otherwise attend.  I know I also decline invites to at-home sales parties. 
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    Ditto pp's I'm not a fan of bridal showers that are also a pampered chef party or any other sales gimmick type of party such as Tastefully Simple.. jewelry parties.. pocketbook parties.. etc. I hate going to those because I feel pressured to buy something, plus the stuff they're selling isn't that great.

    Your FMIL is definitely right on this one, your guests should come and enjoy themselves at your shower and watch you open up gifts they picked out and bought for you, not sit there and listen to a sales gimmick then feel obligated to buy something. I would have your shower hostess skip the pampered chef part and just throw you a regular shower for both you and your guests' sake. HTH!
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    I don't like this type party, because the sales person is basically using you and your upcoming wedding to pressure your friends into buying her product. If you want Pampered Chef products, just create a PC gift registry, along with registries from other stores.
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    Pampered Chef showers suck.  They are nothing but huge sales pitches that benefit the host and salesperson just as much as the bride.

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    What almost everyone else said.  People will feel pressure to buy something at the party.  That's rude.
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    When I attend a bridal shower, I expect not to be thrown into a time machine and transported into the 50's. A Pamered Chef party is incredibly boring and not to polite to shove merchandising into someone's face at a get together such as this...
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    I'm registered on Pampered Chef. There's a local consultant that keeps calling me asking about my bridal shower and if we'd decided what and when we were going to do one. THIS IS A TOTAL TURN OFF to have her as a consultant and I find it rather rude. As far as I know, we are not having a Pampered Chef themed shower, but Pampered Chef will be included on the "where registered" part of the invite because you can purchase directly from Pampered It's up to the guests to choose where and what they purchase as a gift.

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