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Budget Wedding - Outdoor Locations

I am looking for an outdoor location for both the ceremony and reception, in Northeast, Ohio.  I want it simple and low cost. I am not from the area, and everywhere I look up has a list of vendors thatt you have to use.   I want to be able to bring my own food, decoations, etc.  I thought of the metro parks, but they have so many rules and regulations, from no chairs, no alocohol, etc, that it seems just too hard there. I am looking at Patterson Fruit Farm this weekend, but am looking for other ideas as well.

Re: Budget Wedding - Outdoor Locations

  • nsegristnsegrist member
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    Oh, and the list is probably around 150.  And I love trees!

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    Bain Cabin in fairview is nice. its secluded, its got the cabin and a huge gazebo and nice stone work. its surrounded by trees etc. it provides table and chairs. you bring your own food and drinks etc. you can reserve it from 8 am to 5 pm or 5 pm till midnight. its around $200 or $250.
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    Bain Cabin is also no alcohol (but metroparks are not-   drinks have to be in cups in the metroparks).  
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  • ayamm1123ayamm1123 member
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    This site has a great starter list that details venues, pricing, capacity  and alcohol permitted. Hope this gives you more options. 
  • skomaraskomara member
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    I am also planning an outdoor wedding in NE ohio.  We are looking in two options that we love so far that fit our budget:  Wineries and renting a vacation home that has a large enough yard to have our reception at.  The vacation home is our favorite idea, we can get a decently priced place (in comparison to other venues) and we have a place we and our WP can crash after a night of drinking!  We are having our ceremony on our honeymoon, so we dont need the extra space for that, but there are a few decently priced vacation homes with large private yards.  There is my DREAM location, its a home called eagle isle in sandusky.  It looks like a house in the hamptons and it is on lake erie.  They want $1000/night for it though... im trying to talk them into giving me a deal :)  doubt it though... so we have other places we are going to look at.
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    Here are some of the places we're looking at (summer 2011 ceremony / reception):
    - The Glidden House (University Circle)
    - The Shoreby Club  (Brahtenahl)
    - Rocky River Memorial Hall
    - Nicholson House (Lakewood)
    - Western Reserve Historical Society (they rent the gardens, etc)
    - Bass Lake Inn
    - The Inn of Chagrin Falls
    - Cleveland City Club (great rates for reception -- but is indoors)
    - The Holden Arboretum
    - Eagle Isle
    - Stan Hywett Hall (Akron)
    - Cleveland Botanical Gardens (ceremony only - reception is $$$)
    - Park Lane Villa Ballroom
    - Lakehouse Inn

    I'd LOVE other creative ideas / suggestions!
  • lia619lia619 member
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    We are having our ceremony in the Cultural Gardens in Cleveland, not too expensive and the gardens are already beautiful so not many decorations needed! 
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