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Hello! My wedding is outdoors and it is actually in my parents backyard where I spent my whole life! You may think it crazy but, they have a huge open backyard right on the river. I am really excited but, have alot of planning to do. So I really need some advice on how to make my wedding fantastic. Please give me some tips on how to make this the best wedding ever!

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  • How many guests do you plan on having? How huge is this back yard? What are you planning on doing for lighting? What month and time of day will be your reception? Do you have sufficient electricity outside? What are you planning on doing for bathroom facilities? Where do you intend on having guests park their cars? Are you having it catered? Do you have sufficient kitchen facilities for food handling and preparation? Do you have a backup plan in case it rains?
  • Page bbyckes over on the "Customs and Traditions," board. She's the mod there. She had a backyard wedding. Or you could page BecW2Be on "Snarky Brides," she also had a backyard wedding. GL!

  • I'm having a backyard wedding!  And there seem to be a decent number of girls on the outdoor board who are.  You can read old posts on this page, and then post any of your thoughts/questions/ideas, and I'm sure the girls here will have suggestions or ideas.  
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  • I'm also getting married in my parents' yard. Advice would be to look into tent rentals and portable restrooms so you don't overload your parents sewage system. Yard games are fun, like bocce ball and croquet. Agree with PMing BByckes or just looking through her bio; her wedding was gorgeous.
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