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Bridal showers: how many is too many?? I have a divorced family, and both my mom and stepmom want to throw me separate showers! my bridesmaids also want to throw me one, and now my FMIL is asking about having one, too!!! I'm going to TRY to get my FMIL to combine with my step-mom, and ask the BMs to just host a bach. party for me, and that will bring me down to two. How many are you having? And what are some cute themes and games for them?
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  • As a guest how many would you want to go to for a bride? I would only want to go to one. Unless they are in different cities (ie like 100 miles apart) then only have one. Have your families and friends work together. Maybe your mom could throw the shower, your friends do the bachelorette party, and your step mom/FMIL the engagement party, or host the rehearsal dinner.
  • I agree with Sarah... as a guest, I would only want to go to one.  So... unless the additional showers are being held in a different city (ie your hometown for one and where you currently live for another) AND/OR the guest list is totally different (as in NOBODAY gets sent two or more invitations)... I would try to find other "parties" that the bickering adults can be responsible for. 
    To be honest (and maybe this is just me) if the grown-ups in my life can't play nice and work together to help me celebrate my wedding, I would just have to say "thanks, but no thanks" to all the extra parties... it can put extra stress on you, your huture hubby, and all of your friends/guests who are not involved in the drama, but do want to celebrate with you (think about it... would you REALLY want to attend 3 or 4 parties for the same bride??? umm... NO- no matter how much I love her)
    I understand with divorces and stuff that people sometimes hold harsh feelings, but they really should try to put all that stuff aside to celebrate with you.
    My parents are divorced also (and granted there are no step mothers or fathers in the picture) but I am very happy and pruod that they have been able to put their past aside to work together (along with my fiance, his family and myself) on the wedding details.  It just wouldn't be the same if I had to have seperate dinners/meetings/parties with each parent.
    You shouldn't feel like you are being torn in ten different directions.
    Have you tried talking to the moms and future mom about this?  Maybe they would be ok with combining their efforts?
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  • I have a very small family (I have 9 people from my side coming to the wedding) and My FI has tons of aunts and cousins. My MOH wanted to throw me one and FI's aunts wanted to as well, I just asked that they get together and combine to one shower. Also as a BM in a wedding last year the bride had 2 showers and got mad when I only attended the one, um I have a life outside your wedding lol So I suggest not asking your BM's to go to more than one shower.
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