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March 2010 Weddings

March 13th girls...

Did you know we set clocks back an hour on the 13th?  I didn't until today!  We will LOSE an our of sleep on our wedding night!!  Boo!

Re: March 13th girls...

  • My FMIL let me know this.  I'm always a little off for a few days whenever the time changes.  Glad I won't be leaving for the honeymoon right away...I'd be a wreck with no sleep from all the excitement, jet lagged, and time changed....ewwww...no fun at all!
  • I had no idea!  Thanks for letting us know.  I'm glad I'm not leaving the next day for my HM.
  • OMG, are you kidding me!  These things always confuse me and now you're telling me I'm gonna have to THINK on my WEDDING DAY? LOL
  • No time change for me...Im in AZ.  Im glad we don't change....sucks to lose an hour of sleep :(
  • oh man! we're having an OOT brunch the next day... hope everyone else remembers too!
  • I realized that right after we set it...at least we aren't getting married the next day because I am always SO confused my the time change on Sunday!!
  • This is actually why I chose March 14th....cause we get the extra hour of sunlight and can do a later outdoor ceremony start!! It's good for you girls to cause you won't have to worry about it on your wedding day...it doesn't happen til after everyone leaves!
  • Boo...knew about this already, but doesn't change the fact that we're leaving on a 9 a.m flight the next morning to go to...well, I don't know where yet, because it's a surprise, but still :). But, in other news, 43 days to go!!
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